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Oct 24, 2007 08:41 PM

seeking yummy catered buffet on a budget

Hi all, I am getting married in Newton on Sunday, June 22nd, and we are trying to be as inclusive as possible for our rehearsal dinner the night before. The rehearsal dinner atmosphere will be casual with indoor and outdoor space available. We would love to bring in reasonably priced but GOOD food in a buffet style. We have thought of ideas like Sweet Tomatoes or Upper Crust pizza, but we are worried that pizza might be too messy or cool off too quickly. We would love other ideas that aren't brunch-like in style (as our wedding will be Sunday brunch food.) Bonus points for something in the greater Newton area. We also need to make sure that there are some vegetarian options.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. For a recent event, we opted to assemble our own table of app's from Russo's. This included a medaterranean platter with pita, roasted pepper hummus, baba ganoush, fresh feta, olives, some loaves of french bread with assorted cheeses, and grapes and figs. It ended up being much more affordable than we expected- and a lot cheaper than if we had ordered app's from a caterer. We got our entrees from Baker's Best, and they were good, but we realized that we could have assembled something just as good ourselves from the options at Russo's. They have a lot of ready-made items in addition to the bread, cheese, etc that we picked up. I'd suggest heading there and scoping out your options. They might even have some catering options...? HTH!

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      Sevan Market on Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown will also do a Mediterranean platter for you -- $70 feeds about 20 people and can be served at room temperature.

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        Russo's has a catering menu on their website....

      2. Place link.

        560 Pleasant St, Watertown, MA 02472

        1. I have been to a few events catered by Blue Ribbon Bbq in West Newton