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Oct 24, 2007 08:06 PM

Another Vienna question

We will be in Vienna for 4 days-I'm thinking my husband and I will do one "nice" upscale dinner. I am dreaming of a cozy warm place (with a fire??) and fantastic traditional food, local wines. Where should I be looking? We're going in 1 months-so I suppose I should be thinking about reservations if it's a popular place. Thanks so much for any insights!

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  1. Lately I have been to many of the upscale places, and the restaurant everybody liked best is the Palais Coburg. It might not be "a cozy warm place with a fire", but to find such a place is quite impossible in Vienna (There is no find at if you look for "luxury" and "fireplace"=mit Kamin. There are eateries with fireplaces, but these are not upscale restaurants...).

    The Coburg has simply THE BEST of Viennese food, perfect service, a great wine collection, and its interior is "gemütlich", with ample space between the tables (!).

    As a second choice I would recommend the Restaurant Walter Bauer.
    It is cozy, but you could also call it "a little bit crammed", and beware of smokers at the next table. Vienna is still smokers heaven....

    If you really want a "cozy warm place with a fire", you would have to go to one of the skiing resorts on Tyrol, up there in the Alps are many places who fit this description.

    Apropos smokers: there is a new place in Vienna, which seems to be quite cozy, and maybe even has a fireplace, it is a Scottish Restaurant as well as Cigar and Whisky Club:

    We go there today for dinner, I will report...

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      Here the report:
      Unfortunatly Frasers looks like one more great concept not accepted by the Viennese.

      The owners rebuilt an old Heurigen house to contain spacious Scottish bar and restaurant interiors, and they offer a great selection of ales and stouts draughted and in the bottle. The single malts are served in different nice glasses at small 1 cl quantities, which gives you the chance to try several single malts without getting drunk, and also reduces the price for the single serving.

      Still, the place was 80% empty when we arived yesterday at 8 p.m. The service was great, helpful and the wait between courses was quite short. The food was as expected, quite good but not exceptional. If you like British beer and or single malt whisky and/or do not want the many Irish pubs around, Frasers is a very cultivated option, as well as at the bar as for dining.

      Today is national holiday in Austria, with festivities like July 4 in the USA. Thus, at a evening before such a holiday, any decent restaurant should be full. If this is not the case it is a failure...

      Unfortunately we had many undeserved failures lately here in Vienna. I remember the Lizaran sandwich shop, which served great pintxos in the Basque style. Or the Cafe Centraal, which specialized in moules frites and Belgian Beer. All great concepts, realized with a lot of money and care, and faltering after a short time because of a rapid loss of interest ...