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Oct 24, 2007 07:15 PM

Suggested graduation party venues?

As I near my graduation from grad school, I find myself desperately lacking enough motivation or inspiration to plan a party for myself. I'm just too worn out and why do I have to plan my own party anyway? Because no one else will get it done. I'm not looking for anything fancy, pretentious or expensive here, just something tasty for 20-25 adults with a price limit of about $400. I'd be willing to consider someone catering it at my own home, so long as I don't have to do anything, but I'd much rather have it at a restaurant. Does anyone have any suggestions or have any personal experiences they can share? Many thanks

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  1. I had my birthday party at Din Ho this year and it was great. We ordered way too much food but somehow managed to plow our way through till the plates were empty. My favorites were the roasted (bbq) meats, the baby bok choy with black mushrooms, the sauteed snow pea greens and the Singapore street noodles. We had plenty of Tsing Tao and still came out at about $20.00 per person. In all, it was a fantastic feast.

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      I did something similar at T&S Seafood a couple of years ago....we had a great time.

    2. I say it again, only this time I think I read your question correctly--Bucca de Beppo. They will be glad to seat 25--no sweat, just let them know you are coming! Tell them your budget and let them pick or pick it yourself, either way you get a ton of food for $400--including wine if you'd like. I think it is the best value dollar for dollar for a party! Call me crazy, I know the food isn't the greatest, but hey we are feeding 25 people for $400 including the tip, tell me where else you can get the party atmosphere and the quantity of food at that price?