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The best place you have eaten in the past 4 weeks in Manhattan.


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  1. Telepan - as if they weren't good enough already they must have had a really "on" night this past Saturday 'cause it was spot on.

    1. Public. I was surprised how good it was! (I wrote a review last week).

      1. Telepan for me too. We both had the 4 course prix fixe and it was delicious. Too much food, our eyes were bigger than our stomaches. But we doggie bagged our entrees so we could finish dessert and happily ate everything the next morning. Still delicious. Wonderful unobstrusive service too where the tables are properly spaced apart.

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          What dessert did you have? I had the apple upside down brioche which was a really nice way to finish the meal BUT my girlfriend had the port custard and fig dish and it was insanely good. If we didn't need to get somewhere I swear I would have ordered another.

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            I am trying to talk my mate into trying Telepan once again. He was underwhelmed the first time with that "bread soup."
            It has a fine reputation.
            I know this isn't what you meant but we had one fine lunch at Le Pain Quotidien last Tuesday. It just felt "healthy."
            I am hoping to love Blue Hill where we were lucky to finally grab a reservation for Sunday evening.

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              We also had the fig dish and it was fantastic, unfortunately the berry tart was not. I would say that was the worst item of our entire meal. Wish we had ordered two fig desserts but who knew and I love to share.

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                they have some peanut butter chocolate dessert thats pretty amazing. i enjoyed my entire meal there. best foie gras ive had in awhile.

          2. Lupa, Vermicelli alla Carbonara. A great simple dish.

            1. Persepolis on 2nd between 74th and 75th. My friend and I ordered a bunch of apps and everything was delicious! We could barely walk when we left.

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              1. Pam Real Thai. With all the boutique Thai places opening along 9th Ave., this old timer still delivers. Crispy duck, red curry, dumplings and fish cakes were all great.

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                  Pam Real Thai is a gem, she flies in her ingredients from Thailand. Try Olveng on 10th Av. & 45th Street, they too are excellent esp. for the fish/shellfish curries. The chef used to cook at PlaneThailand in Brooklyn then opened his own place. Not that many people know about it, and I think it is better than Pam (but don't order Pad Thai there, that is not their strong point).

                2. Tia Pol, finally tried it! Everything was great; the chorizo with chocolate was perfection! Toasted bread, melted bittersweet chocolate topped with slices of chewy salty slighty spicy chorizo.

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                    Perrilla - just a flat out perfect meal.

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                      Hey I'm actually going to Perilla with a group of friends next week. Can you tell me a little more about your experience there? What to order/not order etc. Thanks

                  2. Alta. Of course that wasn't much of a surprise since I'm becoming something of a regular.

                    1. Just had the best fried chicken ever at Clinton Street Baking. Oh my goonie googoo's it was delish, Hot, Moist, spicy but not overly so, good portion size, and enough napkins available, totally finger lickin good.

                      1. Hmm..I loved Casa Mono but I had such a great new experience at 88 Palace for dim sum I think I have to say that!

                        1. Waverly Restaurant for breakfast. Very friendly and efficient service. Cheap. They do poached eggs and fresh-squeezed OJ perfectly. Also good bacon and sausage.

                            1. Yakitori Totto. Turned my good friend into a convert too!

                              1. Landmarc - The burger was killer!
                                Blue Hill Stone Barns - I'd been for brunch - but dinner was outstanding - jumped into my #1 slot for nyc

                                1. Crispo -- best, most tender veal I've had in God knows how long, mother agreed, and everything else was delish. Plus, I was totally taken with the beautiful back garden.

                                  1. I'd have to say Gari (not Sushi of Gari) on the UES. Sophisticated (but easy going and laid back) atmosphere, solid service, and probably the freshest (and most creative) sushi I've had in a long, long time. Bravo! Feel free to check out pictures from my meal here: http://dru.gobbl.com

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                                      Isn't the UWS one called Gari, and the UES called Sushi of Gari?

                                    2. Alto - though it maybe a little longer than 4 weeks ago!

                                      1. Gotham Bar and Grill. Haven't been there in a while, and it is still great. Quite a New York institution.

                                        1. Degustation. The little lady and I each got a different version of the tasting menu, so we had quite the variety of dishes. Everything was good if not amazing. The only dish that I found to be a "miss" was the dessert that I had, the chocolate covered bananas.

                                          Being such and avid cook, I really loved the layout and intimacy offered by the space, but I can see how some may feel it's a bit cramped. All in all, we both felt it was a wonderful meal--even though neither of us was "stuffed" and we wound up grabbing a late night hamburger later on :)

                                          1. Fatty Crab (last week), Momofuku Ssam's bo ssam and everything else we had (two weeks ago)