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Oct 24, 2007 06:11 PM

Todd English - Olives - Union Square

If you read any of my previous posts I am responsible for finding a private dining room for what is now 14 people. Last year (just 10) we did Per Se. Now, I am having trouble finding some place that is even available. Two places (some have not called back yet) that have a private dining room available are Country and Todd English's Olives restaruant. Has anyone eaten at either of these and could you please tell me what you thought. I need recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. I've eated at Country twice. In the Cafe, not the fancier place upstairs, we just prefer a less formal atmosphere. Both times the food and service were fantastic. I will definitely return.

    I think The Harrison has a private dining room.

    1. I've eaten at Olives a couple of times. It's fine--a pretty normal upscale New American restaurant for the area. I don't think that anyone will be disappointed, but the food won't be anything memorable.

      Can't comment on Country but I've heard better things about it (not to mention Lola's personal rec up there).

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        Agree on Olives. I ate there about a year ago (although not in the private room). It was a nice evening, but I honestly can't remember what I ate.

      2. olives is not very upscale...and depending the night of your can be a rather bothersome scene. The food is good...but nothing to rave abt.

        1. I second everything about Olives - fine but nothing to write home about. I think the new Tocqueville space has a private dining room. Maybe Daniel does too? Also, downstairs at Gusto (60 Greenwich). The service at Gusto can have attitude at times but I always like the food. Just be sure to check your wine label carefully - they've brought us the wrong vintage on more than once occasion.

          1. I think I'll rule out Olives. I am having a hard time finding a private dining room anywhere. These are my options so far. Country, Lupa, Danube and the Mahogany room at Felidia. Country, Lupa and Danube are about the same price but, the private room at Felidia (the smaller room that seat 16 is booked and we would have to do the room for 24 - we have 15 people) is $5,000 food & beverage minimum. This will allow for some nice wines and the platinum tasting menu. I'm not excited about Danube. I'm getting overwhelmed and I have to make a decision by tomorrow. Any help would be appreciated. I've also considered Picholine and Toqueville, but not sure they are available. Places I've called that have to availability is Cru, Gramercy Tavern, all Jean-Georges and Daniel restaurants, The modern and Blue Hill.

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              I think Felidia sounds like a great idea, if your budget permits it. The food is great, and they are known for their attentive, professional service. FWIW, I used to eat at Olives all the time (the best short ribs of my life), but that was years ago. The last time I ate there, perhaps two years ago, it was not as good as it had been several years before, when I just couldn't get enough of it.

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                I"m not a fan of Felidia (which my husband likes) or Olives. Although I find the Bouley group of restaurants horribly diner unfriendly, I do think that might be your best choice food-wise.

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                  I'm also put off a bit about the Austrian influence of Danube. I am hoping that they might be a little more diner friendly in a private dining room.

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                  Have you considered Park Avenue Autumn? I believe their private room would be large enough. Just a thought, in case you're still stumped come tomorrow.

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                    You can search on New York Magazine's website for places with private rooms.