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looking for nice deli/sandwich restaurant

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hi! can anyone recommend a nice deli/sandwich catering place? we're bringing in VIP clients for a company meeting, but want sandwiches delivered in due to lack of time. looking for nice presentation, quality, and taste. know of any place?

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    1. If you want the best, go to Langer's (704 S. Alvarado St). The best corn beef and pastrami outside of New York City. If you're looking for nice and good, go to Nate n' Al's (414 N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills). Pleasant atmosphere and good food. But Langer's is head and shoulders above them all.

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        Both good selections, but I don't think either delivers.

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          Correct. And, as long as we're picking nits, the qualifying phrase "outside of New York City" is unnecessary. ;~)

      2. City Bakery Catering does a really nice job. I have used them a number of times and the quality was always very good.

        1. Brent's is very good, and they deliver. Don't know if there is a minimum order amount or how far in advance one needs to order, however.

          Brent's Deli
          19565 Parthenia St, Northridge, CA 91324

          1. If you are downtown, Mendocino Farms in Cal Plaza does a nice job.

            Mendocino Farms
            300 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA

            1. They are not traditional deli sandwiches, but I really like the salami sandwiches we get when we have lunches catered by Il Fornaio. They also have veggie sandwiches with tomato, cheese and eggplant (I think), but I don't eat veggies, so I can't vouch for the taste.

              1. Corner Bakery has excellent sandwiches and salad.

                I also like Jerry's Deli, partly because the meat and tuna salad are always reliably great, but mostly because they deliver sandwiches of just meat and bread, and all the toppings are on the side for people to put what they want on them. So I don't have to use a napkin to scrape off cheese and mayo like almost every other place. The sides are served on a big platter, very fresh big leaves of lettuce, tomato, onions, etc.

                If you are in the vicinity of Culver City, Ugo has great sandwiches too.

                1. I like the sandwiches from Damon & Pythias.

                  1. Clementine does an awesome job with lunches like this.

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                      Great idea. Didn't know they delivered.