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Oct 24, 2007 05:53 PM

Thanksgiving Turkey???

We are having a large (14 + toddler discovering non-mother protein) family gathering in Paso Robles for Thanksgiving. Looking for a source of organic (hopefully heirloom) turkey we can cook ourselves. Suggestions???


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  1. Try Spencer's Fresh Market up the road in Atascadero..they are big on organic..

    8665 El Camino Real
    Atascadero, CA
    (805) 461-3636

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    1. re: foodchick45

      Spencer's carries Diestal, but call and order the size you want so as not to be dissapointed. Have them take your name and phone number, then call in a few days to confirm pick up date..

    2. I mentioned in another thread to look for the brand "Mary's Turkeys". They are a Fresno area family producing heritage, organic, and free-range turkeys. That would also allow you to support a producer only a couple of hours away from you.

      They used to only do mail order but now sell through stores instead. The website lists who stocks them. Around the Central Coast it looks to me like you should find Mary's Turkeys at New Frontiers Natural Foods in SLO.