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Oct 24, 2007 05:40 PM

Place to impress potential future boss! (not stuffy)

A future boss is flying in from London and I need to take him out. Please give suggestions for this friday night! Manhattan midtown, downtown ok.
No particular cuisine but no seafood-focused place....he's allergic! yikes.

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    1. You won't get the "big guns" on such short notice so no Daniel, Per Se, or Le Bernadin. I am a huge fan of Aureole and Picholine which would both make for a good dinner meeting.

      1. You might want to try to see if anything interesting is available.

        1. How about Del Posto? The place is "grand" enough to impress your boss, the food is not too expensive, and I didn't find it stuffy (albeit upscale). Plenty of meat and pasta to choose from.

          Just don't order any of those "XXX for two dishes" - those are overpriced and lustlacker.

          1. perhaps Il Giglio (Tribeca)...old school Italian...a *little* stuffy but in a silly fun Italian way...

            alternately, Odeon might be a good default choice: not impressive per se, but a comfy downtown classic...

            another option is Keens Steakhouse, though if he's from London, the old-NY-history of the place might not be as fun for him as it is for us New Worlders...