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Oct 24, 2007 05:39 PM

London Ontario 50th birthday dinner

Where would you take your hubby for a nice meal?

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  1. I've had a few wonderful meals at On The Fork.

    1. I really liked JJ Muggs in Byron. A bit off the usual path but food was outstanding. I think I got the name right, I am not from London.

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        Sorry that should be J.J.'s Bistro on Commissioners. Here is a link to a review

      2. How fancy are you looking?
        Mint on King Street by the Market was nice - went there for my Hubby's 30th. Waldo's on King is nice too - Bistro kind of place.

        I have had a nice meal at Blackfriars, right by the Blackfriars bridge. Also at Cofferfeilds - both the one in Wortley village and the new one on Richmond.

        We went to the tasting room for our anniversary this year. The food was good but it was very very noisy.