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Oct 24, 2007 05:35 PM

Beard Papa in Little Tokyo OPEN

Just stopped by and they said they opened Sunday. This is in the Mitsuwa building at 3rd and Alameda. Their special flavor right now is pumpkin... actually, for all I know it was their only flavor, they didn't have any signs up yet except for the small paper one saying "Pumpkin." A couple who came in to order after me said something about cheesecake, though. But who needs cheesecake when you have cream puffs? The pumpkin was really nice, maybe my favorite of the flavored versions I've tried so far. But the pumpkin flavor is very very subtle -- it's nothing like pumpkin pie.

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  1. Chantilly Patisserie > Beard Papa

    Sorry, just had to do it. =)

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      I just tried the pumpkin Beard Papa this weekend in San Fran. I am going to have to visit the Little Tokyo store. The cheesecake and chocolate cake looked good, too.

    2. there's a new beard papa stand vendor at the santa anita mall in arcadia. it's upstairs in the middle near nordstroms. saw it last night in passing but didn't try as the novelty wore off for me soon after trying it a few times.

      1. I went at 6:45 after a great dinner at Honda-Ya and they were closed. I think they close at 5 cause when we passed by it seemed like they were closing. I really wanted cream puffs too!