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Oct 24, 2007 05:24 PM

Any good bourbon bars around philly

Anyone know a good spot with a good selection of bourbon with a nice outdoor patio for a nice cigar?

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  1. well there's no outdoor cafe, but you can certainly have your cigar (and bourbon) in Mahogany on Walnut (above Holt's cigar shop).

    1. Southwark @ 4th & Bainbridge has a great selection of bourbons and whiskeys, but you can't smoke or sit outside

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        Well you CAN sit outside at Southwark in their courtyard but you surely can't smoke there. Being an avid bourbon/rye/scotch drinker and cigar smoker I feel your pain. I would recomemnd The Drafting Room in Springhouse: good selection of bourbon and scotch and they allow cigar smoking (though now only after 9pm). Mahogany on Walnut is wonderful and a great place to drink and smoke (though at steep prices!). I used to love to sit outside at a table at The Bishop's Collar in Fairmount or the lobby of the Ritz Carlton (my favorite) and have a cigar and drink but with the smoking ban in Philadelphia (which includes 50 feet from any building) both are gone. So if you are in town, even outside won't do. The patio at the Freight House in Doylestown is nice. It's only a matter of time until there is a state-wide smoking ban so smoke those cigars while you can!

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          Thanks for the places. I think I'll check out the Mahogany. Do you know anyone selling cigars personally?

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            I seem to recall they have a nice bourbon selection at the Happy Rooster.

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              not sure what you mean by "selling cigars personally", but Mahogany sits above Holt's, the largest cigar retailer in Philadelphia. Mahogany has good food, a good selection of single malts and bourbons, and smoking is encouraged. Mahogany also carries a selection of cigars.

        2. An old post, but I figured I mention Jack's Firehouse in Fairmount. I ate there last night, they've got at least a dozen bourbons available. Probalby more, now that I think about it, maybe 20 or so? Fair selection of scotch as well.

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            Draughting Room does have tables outside in Spring House... You might also try Otto's Brauhaus in Horsham as they have an ok selection of bourbon and their bier garten, as well as a bar where smoking is ok all the time.