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Oct 24, 2007 04:54 PM

taco trucks redux!

Thanks to Ruth & others here on this board for doing much of the bay area legwork; without them, I couldn't have gotten my map of California (and soon, hopefully, all over the US) going!

Right now I've got places I know about in Sacramento & environs, and have added Ruth's Oakland report - those that I've had locals verify are still extant - and I've had about two dozen recommendations for SF and southern CA.

Please do come & visit, hit the digg link and let me know of your favorites that I've missed - I'm sure there are plenty!:

I think that our own Jim Leff made a google map of street food in Salinas - I'll see if I can merge the taco trucks he has written up there into this map as well.


JLT, loyal chowhounder

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  1. Excellent work! I think I like being "the great" Ruth Lafler. But it looks like you missed this recent thread: -- a pretty comprehensive listing and updates/confirmations on many of the Fruitvale trucks.

    I think Melanie Wong is going to be surprised to learn that Jim's been mapping taco trucks in Salinas. Also, you should do a search for Melanie's extensive discussion of the taco trucks on Sebastopol Road in Santa Rosa. Kare_raisu has been doing some more recent updates on them as well.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      How about "La Emperatriz Ruth"? Has a nice ring to it, no?

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        You're right, I did miss that thread! That will be extremely helpful. Thanks AGAIN!

        I've already about about 2 dozen emailed to me just last night, so I'll be busy at my lunchbreak today!


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          Actually, going back to reread it, you posted on that thread. Maybe you just didn't read all the follow-up messages. I think it's great that you and RW are doing all this work for us -- driving around scouting taco trucks has got to be more fun (or at the very least, more delicious) than doing all this meticulous map work!

        2. re: Ruth Lafler

          Must credit rworange for the work of creating the maps of Salinas street food. With any luck this site will be able to host those with some features to make the task easier.

        3. I admire your energy but I'm concerned about the scope - a nationwide map or even a statewide map may not be practical for one person to maintain. Hopefully you can use to shorten the URLs or standard HTML tags to make the links 'live'.

          Back to the sources. Besides the LA board, I hope that you've discovered the Great Taco Hunt . Bandini, the author, seems to be on hiatus but his reporting is quite thorough.
          Good luck!

          EDIT - I just noticed that your source appears to be Google Maps. Have you figured out a way to overcome the 100 placemark limit?

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          1. re: DiveFan

            a 100 placemark limit, eh? I had no idea. I may have to migrate it to Platial when I run up against it - thanks for the heads-up.

            And Melanie, maps made in gmaps or platial can be embedded on this site with an iframe very easily - just a single line of code does it.

            1. re: hewn

              Hi hewn.

              If you need help getting your stuff into Platial, let me know. We've got the back end of kml import done but its' not in the UI yet. I'm tracy at platial dot com. I'm the good customer service fairy.

          2. Love the idea!

            One more to add: Tacos Garcia in Napa on Soscol, just north of 1st. Street (across the street from Tacos Mochoacan).

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              1. re: hewn

                A correction (just went back today): Tacos Garcia is across from another taco truck, La Esperanza. They're both on Soscol between 1st & MicKinstry, one facing north, the other south.

                There's also a third taco truck on McKinistry. Didn't get the name. Maybe that's Tacos Mochoacan