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Oct 24, 2007 04:22 PM

rest in sf

Will be visiting SF for two weeks Any recs on places i should eat at. I like all ethnic food. Thanks

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  1. You are not goint to get a whole lot of responses with that subject line. Be a little more specific, price range, location, etc.

    1. Slow Club has really good French toast.

      1. As noted, you will get more info and more responses if you give us some more info - and the very best way to get responses is to do some research and throw out your ideas of the places that appeal to you and ask for comments. This question gets asked multiple times a week!

        1. Here's a starting point

          Lifting this from the Manhattan board ... and it really applies to most boards ...

          " a lot of questions have been covered recently--the Chowhound archives are a great resource. Use the 'SEARCH THIS BOARD' link at the top of any page (it's next to the title of the board) to get the most recent posts from the board."

          Or in the case of a question like yours. just scroll down the board. There are lots of similar requests ... I'd be surprised if there wasn't one every day.

          Another idea is taking a look at The Chowhound's Guide to the SF Bay Area on Amazon. You can look inside the book online to get some ideas The book is a little over two years old but 90 percent of it is relevant. It was taken from the Chow digest. Here's most of the Chow Digest since the book's publication.

          And if you report back where you decide to eat not only does it help others but it mainly helps you. We get an idea of what you like or don't like