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Sneaking in some flaxmeal

Anyone else see Jerry Seinfeld's wife on Oprah pushing her new cookbook featuring recipes using vegetable purees in all sorts of things? She also mentioned that she puts flaxmeal into lots of baked goods and I'd like to give it a try. Any idea what it can be added to and in what proportion? Is it added in addition to the dry (flour) or does it substitute for a part of it? Help, and thanks!

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  1. I add it to just about everything. Sometimes i think that I may be permanently skewing my daughter's palate. Oh well. For baked goods, I just add a couple tablespoons in after sifting all the dry ingredients togehter, but I really don't think it matters. I also put it in her smoothies, in her soups, oatmeal, and cookies.

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      I put ground flaxseed in a fruit/yogurt parfait, and have added it to bread dough. I added about 1/4 cup to a 4lb loaf of bread, and it came out pretty nice. Also have added it to homemade granola. You have to be careful not to add too much as it has what only can be described as a "fishy" odor. The recommended serving is 2 tbsps per day.

    2. wow, we just started buying this and love it. We love it added to cottage cheese with like non sweetened apricot preserves. We add it to yogurt. We've sprinkled it on our salads. Awesome in our smoothies.

      1. I've been making my own granola (loosely based on Mark Bittman's recipe to HTCE) and adding some ground flax seed to that. The recipe calls for 6 c of rolled oats, and I add ~1/4 c or more of flax seed.

        1. Hodgson Mill is the brand I bought and they have some nice recipes on line.

          1. Flaxseed oil goes well in smoothies. I haven't tried ground flaxseed yet. Was told by the supplements woman at Whole Foods that if I'm getting a daily dose of flaxseed oil I don't need the ground flaxseed.

            1. I also add flaxmeal (in relatively small amounts- a light spoon or two) to all kinds of stuff- in addition to baked goods, also anywhere I might add breadcrumbs- meatballs/loaf, cheesy fillings for stuffed shells, etc.

              A bit off topic, but the Slate published an article this morning about Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook, I think the title is, "The terribly wrong message sent by...." Main point- and a good one- is that it's one thing to slip flaxmeal into your own meals to up the fiber/nutrient content, another to fool your kids into eating ridiculously small portions of disguised vegetables, rather than helping them cultivate their palate AND ability to keep themselves healthy by learning to appreciate fresh vegetables the way they were meant to be enjoyed....

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                Just a brief interruption. The "ethics" of the Seinfeld method are off topic for this board. Please stick to the cooking and recipe aspect. Thanks so much!

              2. Wouldn't the heat of cooking break down the EFAs in the flax and thus make it kinda pointless?

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                  It's just the oil itself you have to worry about; never use flax oil for cooking. I add my flax to granola per serving, as opposed to putting it into a whole batch granola, as ground flaxseed needs to be refrigerated. The flax in the bread seems to be ok. I have a dry skin condition and eating ground flaxseed has worked wonders for it.

                2. I got away from using it and need to return. When I did use the ground flaxseed I put it in a lot of things, especially anything that used ground beef (or in my case TVP); also in vegetable pot pies (couple of tablespoons), pizza dough, biscuits.

                  1. I've found that the flax soaks up a LOT of the liquid in a recipe, such as muffins, so I keep the addition of the ground flax to a couple of tablespoons


                    1. Another solutions is to add whole flax seeds in bakes goods so that you don't have to worry about proportions. I usually just add a couple of tablespoons to muffins or granola bars asI actually dislike the fishy flavour. My kids think they are "sprinkles." Maybe I should try the meal.