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Lunch Near LACMA/Mid-Wilshire Area

We are taking our 9 year old & her grandparents to lunch on a Saturday prior to going to LACMA. Given the group, we would like something nice but not too adventurous, any suggestions?

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  1. Pretty slim pickins in that area. Best bet is probably Luna Park on La Brea just north of Wilshire.

    Luna Park
    672 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

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      Or maybe Ca' Brea for Italian?


      Whoops - no lunch on Saturdays.

    2. I don't think you can go wrong at Cafe Verona on 2nd & LaBrea, which is very close to that area. There's a nice little patio, a good menu that emphasizes frittatas, panini, salads, and pastas. Also, your 9-yr-old will have fun looking at the fat goldfish in the fountain outside. It's a small place and can get busy on Sat/Sun afternoons, but give it a shot.

      1. Campanile never fails to impress, although your idea of "adventurous" may not be the same as mine. I've seen plenty of younguns and grandparents there, ad it's a really good brunch.

        Caffe Latte at Wilshire and Crescent Heights is a good neighborhood place. And you won't be that far from the Farmers Market, although it can be a madhouse on weekends.

        624 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

        Farmers Market
        6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

        Caffe Latte
        6254 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

        1. Bloom Cafe is not fancy but might work very well for your group.

          1. I work across the street from LACMA, so here's my rundown of lunch places in the area.

            If you want something within walking distance of LACMA:
            Pentimento is in the LACMA complex. The food is decent, and the restaurant is run by the Patina group. However, a little pricey, as museum food often is. At least you can sit outside. Just east down Wilshire is a Marie Callendar's - It's actually a fancy one, and the food is a little more upscale version of what's usually offered there. That being said, the food is OK. I would say the choices are limited as far as walking distance, for anything that isn't fast food-like.

            if you want to drive, I would definitely suggest Farmer's Market. Most of it is pretty serve-yourself casual, so if you want a good sit down dining experience go to Ulysses' Voyage (Greek food). It's on the Grove side of the market.

            Also, south of Wilshire down Fairfax past Olympic, is Little Ethiopia with several delicious Ethiopian restaurants. I recommend Rosalind's at 1044 S. Fairfax.

            Campanile is very good, but also expensive for lunch.

            1. Campanile seems like a great choice. Wonderful food and impeccable service.

              1. NOT walking distance, but still near enough are some options more casual than Campanile, where price can become an issue.

                3rd street west of Fairfax has Doughboys and also Joan's both on the south side of the street . . . and Authentic Cafe is on north side of Beverly east of Fairfax (many people deride Authentic Cafe but I've always liked it fine for casual lunch).

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                  Doughboys on 3rd is still closed for remodeling. And Authentic closed over a year ago. Is about to reopen as Terroni.

                2. Not walking distance, but all of these are good and 3 mins away:

                  Bloom on Pico
                  Toast on 3rd St
                  Doughboy's on 3rd St

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                    Again, Doughboys is closed for renovation. And be warned, a table at Toast on a Saturday afternoon will be about an hour wait.

                  2. what about Tom Bergin's....It's a block down Fairfax, and you have three areas to eat in...dining room, booths or bar...well with the 9 year old, probably not the bar.

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                      Bergin's is a close option, though not sure it qualifies as "nice."

                      Assuming it doesn't have to be in walking distance, I'd suggest TART on Fairfax across from the Farmers Market.

                      115 s fairfax av, los angeles, CA

                    2. Another vote for Campanile. The service is lovely and they have a wonderful brunch -- which of my out-of-town visitors always want to return to again and again. Restaurant also kind of a fun story behind it -- behind once owned by Charlie Chaplin. The front room is my favorite for a weekend brunch because it is so bright and airy and has the cute fountain. It is probably about a 10 minute walk to LACMA for an average speed walker.

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                        Campanile would be great if you want to go that nice. But it's over a mile from LACMA, so walking with grandparents AND a 9 year old is at your discretion.

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                          The OP didn't say they were planning to walk -- in fact they said they wanted a place to go *prior* to going to LACMA. Other than Marie Callender's and the place in the Museum itself, there really isn't anything within grandparent-and-nine-year-old walking distance.

                          Re Marie's: It's a nicer room than most in the chain, but the menu is pretty much the same ... and the service is spotty.

                      2. Here is another nice Italian restaurant suggestion, and it is actually open for lunch on Saturdays:


                        About 1.6 miles according to google

                        1. I don't know if this falls below your niceness threshhold, but for convenience and a perfectly acceptable sit-down lunch, Callender's is right on Wilshire just on the other side of the Tar Pits. It's related to Marie Callender's, but nicer than the chain.

                          1. I would first recommend Farmers Market, if you've never been. So many great places and everyone can have something different. There's a good Chinese a few blocks away, on Olympic and San Vincente, Hunan Taste. Good food and quiet. There's always Canters on north Fairfax.