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Oct 24, 2007 03:45 PM

Do Chowhounds like to mix apples?

I was shopping for apples to make apple crisp, and asked a farmer at my farmer's market what he used. He said he just picks up any apples he has handy and slices them together. So I bought a mixed bag of Empires and Macs. Wow, did that make a nice apple crisp -- did not add any sugar, and it came out not too sweet, the way I like it. (You can always sweeten it up with ice cream or maple syrup.)

What apples do you like to mix in your crisps and pies? Any suggestions?

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  1. When I make apple pie I mix macs and granny smiths, so that the sweetness of one balances the tartness of the other.

    1. For pies, I mix Granny Smiths and Golden Delicious.

      1. Cortland, Macintosh and a smidge of Granny Smith. That's my usual mix of apples for whatever I'm making at the moment. Never the same ratio... just whatever I have on hand.

        1. I buy apples for my winter pies from an orchard that carries 85 varieties. Last weekend I picked up Rhode island Greening, Baldwin, Hubbardston Nonesuch, Pomme Grise, and Wolf River. Also some Macs and Macouns for eating out of hand. I'll make another trip in a couple weeks and hope to get Winesap, Northern Spy, Roxbury Russet, more Greenings and Baldwins. They have so many, it's hard to choose !

          But before I started buying my apples there, I found that any combination of whatever is available in the store gives a tastier pie than apples of one type. Granny Smiths which are tart and firm are good to combine with macs or golden delicious which are sweeter and breakdown more.

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            Since I have a highschool buddy that grows fuji`s, I like to mix fuji`s with golden delicious, and granny smiths. and I like fuji`s in anyway by themselves, I have made
            applesauce with them and it turned out great. I just have`nt tried making applebutter

            1. re: bigjimbray

              I find that Fujis stay firm too long for an apple crisp (I tried baking one for an hour and they hadn't softened up and I was afraid the topping would burn.) I am definitely trying Granny Smiths with my other apples.

              1. re: brendastarlet

                Fuji's are my favorite apple. I like that they are firmer than the others. I prefer a little crunch in my crisp as well. They are less likely to get that nasty gritty texture like other apples. They are great in green salads too.

          2. On a slightly different note, I like to mix apple varieties, and even pears, when I make Waldorf salad. I think 2 different varieties looks appetizing, esp. if you use a green variety or a pear. I love Waldorf! I like to top it with a little grated cheese, as well. Also a little nutmeg on the apples.