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Going to Yasuda after 9pm - will the sushi be not as fresh as if I go at 7?

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I have the choice between going at 7pm or 9pm. I prefer 9pm, but if the sushi won't be as fresh then I am willing to make some adjustments to my schedule.

What do you all think?

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  1. 2 hours will not change the freshness of the fish.

    1. Also, Yasuda ages much of his best fish for days to improve the flavor so a couple of hours will not change anything. The freshest fish is not always the best.

      1. But you might be rushed by Yasuda and his staff. I was.

        1. I highly doubt 2 hours will make a difference, Singar. Either way, I think you are good--according to Tony Bourdain, restaurants get their fish from vendors every Tuesday and Thursday, so if he's right, you're in for some great sushi tonight!

          I like to eats.

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            Thats not true any more, especially for top of the line restaurants, whether sushi or not. They get their fish every single day.