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Oct 24, 2007 03:23 PM

Saratoga group dinner

Hi Chowhounders from a Boston hound.

I am very excited about my first trip to Saratoga Springs next weekend. I have the dubious honor of organizing a group dinner for 15-20 people on Saturday night.

I have read a number of posts about the Saratoga area, and do hope to have time to explore some of the dining options provided, but for my group dinner:
Seating: must offer non-smoking section (one person is allergic).
Price: Most in this group are cost conscious, and aren't necessarily going to get a bottle of wine with dinner. I'm trying to keep under $15 for entrees.
Food style/atmosphere: For obvious reasons, this is not as important as other factors. We have a few squeamish about seafood/sushi.

Most of the group is staying at the Saratoga Springs Inn and Convention Center, and I'd prefer to be within a 15 minute walk. No one in the group is from the area, and I'd rather not have to get everyone in their cars, but a 10 minute drive is okay too.

I've tried Longfellow's and Olde Bryan Inn but neither takes reservations. Wheatfields already has a group scheduled, so that's out, too. Any thoughts on Gaffney's, Horseshoe Inn or Leon's or Publick House? Any other recs?


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  1. Longfellows does take reservations, please see their web page. You are correct that their sister restaurant Olde Bryan Inn does not. Longfellows would probably have space for a large group, but they are more pricey than $15 per person. A plus for Longfellows is a very nice atmosphere, however last time I went (Aug 2007), I thought the food and service were not as good as times past. You would definitely need a car to get there. Publick House ditto on needing a car, this is a casual pizza, pasta and sandwich place, totally not in same category as Longfellows. I am not sure if they take reservations. I have only ever had pizza there which is good. I would recommend looking at the restaurant right across the street from the Publick House which is The Ripe Tomato. They have a website to check out. The menu is pretty diverse and most everyone in a group would find something to their liking to order. I have not eaten at Gaffney's for years, have never been to Horseshoe Inn, went once to Leon's and it was ok, but I prefer Mexican Connection to Leon's. Mexican Connection also has a website and does take reservations. It is good, but a little high priced for Mexican. We usually go to Mexican connection 4 to 5 times a year and are long time customers. Do not worry about non smoking section for any place, it is not a factor in your selection. Thankfully all the restaurants are nonsmoking by law and it is fantastic! Hope this has been some help (I am a Saratoga Springs resident).

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      You might want to consider Forno Toscano right across the street from the Saratoga City Center. Casual Italian fare/pizza/pasta/entrees, etc. Can probably stay within budget and nice atmosphere. Pretty sure they take reservations.