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Disapointment at the new Heather's in Mashpee

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My DC and I love fine dining since we are great cooks and will only pay for meals we can't cook at home. So on a recommendation from an acquaintance, we decided to try the new restaurant called Heather's. It's in the same plaza as Roche Brothers. On this particular night, we were dressed in neat jeans and jean-jackets. Perhaps not what Heather's would like seated in their restaurant, but hey, it's the Cape, which tends to be far more casual than Boston where we live. It being the off-season (October), and since the website didn't say reservations (or dress-code) were required, we didn't have a reservation and we were not wearing dressy clothes. It was only 6:30pm so we didn't really expect it to be an issue. Not only were we told that we couldn't be seated until 9:30, we were treated with a snobbish attitude that was uncalled for. Yes, we had jeans and jean-jackets on, and yes, most of the seated clientèle was dressed up, but we shouldn't have been treated like crap. I have a second-home in Falmouth and we like to spend $$ on great meals. After the 'attitude' we got, which I would shrug off if encountered in the Boston South End, but won't tolerate at the Cape, we went to Bleu across the street and had such a welcoming reception-without-reservations and such a wonderful meal that I posted a writeup on it too. The laid back scene that makes us love to escape to the Cape won't sustain a place like Heather's. That's why we leave the city on weekends and I bet they will either need to change moods next season or fail.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. It's too bad that you had a bad experience at Heather's bad service is never acceptable. Knowing first hand how hard it is to get good help as my family is in the restaurant business on the south shore, you may want to give them a try again the food rally is excellent. My only question to you is why is it okay to receive a snotty attitude in Boston and totally unaccpetable on the Cape, I live in New Seabury year round, not just as a vacationer and I don't feel we on the Cape are any less civilized than those that live in the city.