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Oct 24, 2007 03:01 PM

Lunch in Freeport or Yarmouth - Suggestions?

I have guests coming from Canada. We'll be doing some shopping in Freeport and need to find a place for lunch. Based on reviews here, I wanted to take them to Harrasekett Lunch, but it has already closed for the season. I am not very familiar with restaurants in the area -- any suggestions? I like the settting of the Royal River Grillhouse, but it has recieved very mixed reviews. Would like somewhere that has seafood, and preferably a "Maine" feel to it, but if that's not attainable would settle for a place that had great food!

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  1. Harraseeket Lobster has closed, but the Harraseeket Hotel and Inn is open with a wonderful buffee lunch in their downstairs grill room.
    The food is very good there, especially the blueberry pie.

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      The grill room hasn't been downstairs in years. It is called the Broad Arrow Tavern, and is at street level on Route 1. The food IS very good. They have a great lunch buffet, too, with lots of well prepared, fresh food, and a few choice desserts. Excellent service, too. On the high end, price wise.

    2. In Freeport there is Broad Arrow Tavern (inside Harrasseeket Inn) for lobster rolls, burgers, pizza, and much more. Over-the-top fun "Maine" atmosphere (skis, snowshoes, etc. on walls including animal trophies).

      I have not been recently but always have had good experiences at Royal River Grill. Nice spot at the Marina.

      A little farther south in Falmouth (Rte 1A) is Falmouth Sea Grill. Superfresh fish, lobster rolls at lunch...views of Casco Bay.

      1. I've eaten dinner at the Royal River Grillhouse (both times with groups) twice in the last few months and it was pretty good. Their mussels are fantastic. Skip the "spring roll" was as big as a burrito!! Service was very good. It has a fantastic view.

        Falmouth Sea Grille is on Route 88 at Handy Boat.

        The Broad Arrow Tavern at the Harrasekett Inn is good, but more Maine Lodge than Maine Coast. It would be a great choice if it's a rainy day as it's very warm and cozy.

        If you decide to pass on a sit down lunch, Morrison's Chowder House on Mechanic Street in Freeport is a good choice..they have huge lobster rolls. Counter service, very limited seating.

        1. Falmouth Sea Grill definitely sounds like it would be right up your alley, although it is probably a bit more of a drive than you were hoping for. The food there is consistently good, and always a nice seafood selection.

          1. Thanks so much. We did go to Falmouth Sea Grill - it was wonderful - beautiful view, terrific lunch menu, and good service. Two of us had the tuna nicoise salad - perfectly grilled tuna on a salad greens, green beans, olives and a delightful dressing. One had the calamari, and the other a salmon BLT -- all were terrific. Thanks again for the recommendation