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Oct 24, 2007 02:53 PM

Late night romantic dining in Seattle?

Hello, don't live in Seattle but visit my BF there a this weekend. Looking for good late night dining options. He lives near Bitter Lake (don't know the name of the neighborhood) but we could go anywhere. Thoughts?

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  1. Last night we went to Oliver's Twist in Phinney Ridge. They have a pretty complete menu until 11, though a decent one after that too. It was nice, though it would have been more romantic if my bf didn't have to stand up and try to leave in order to get any service at first.

    1. Asteroid.

      Open late, delicious food, romantic setting.

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      1. re: seattledebs

        I have to disagree with this one, the old asteroid was amazing, but the new one was so disappointing that we haven't went back to try it again. Lacked atmosphere when we went and the food left much to be desired.

      2. I really like Cafe Presse on 12th near Seattle U

        1. I'm 21 and my favorite restaurant that I consider romantic is Bleu Bistro in Capitol Hill, but I would completely understand how an older, more sophisticated diner would not find it romantic.

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          1. re: koggit

            Yeah, I was not impressed with this place on my only visit. It feels like you are being crammed into a space that is too small and the food was just not good.

            1. re: jdestes

              I think the (lack of) space is a huge part of the charm. It's an extremely unique place to dine. That aspect of Bleu Bistro seems to be love-it or hate-it, judging by the reactions of most of the people I've brought there.

          2. Il Bistro in the Pike Place Market. Very romantic and the late night menu offers enough to put together a satisfying meal. Dinner is served until 10:00. Then it's the late night menu.