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Oct 24, 2007 02:50 PM

Can I Re-Freeze Ice Cream?

I got some Graeter's ice cream yesterday as a gift, delivered in a styrofoam box with dry ice. I opened the box at around 3 pm. I left one pint by accident in the box overnight. This morning at 9 am I cursed myself and put it in the freezer. Will this be ok, health-wise? I'm sure the consistency will change, but how will the fact that it was at room temperature (and had seemingly melted) potentially affect me?

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  1. My SO has often let ice cream melt and has refrozen it. Hasn't hurt him yet. Did the level go down in the container? I think that's because the air they pump into the ice cream is gone. So, yes, the consistency will be different.

    1. ehhhh I'm pretty sure you'll be okay (I'd eat it and I leave meat out overnight!)

      The ice crystals will be huge and all jagged, so yes the consistency will be all out of whack so to say

      1. Do you have an ice cream machine? You would have been better off re-spinning than just sticking it back in the freezer.

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          i don't know the ingredients of graeter's ice cream,

          but actually, after looking at their process, it looks like they are a quality custard ice cream product.

          if refreezing did not give you the texture you like, then melt some chocolate, blend it in, put it over some pound cake! or crumble the cake, and layer with it alternately the creamy mixture in a trifle bowl or individual stemmed glasses, up and up. chill and top with whipped cream and nuts for a decadent treat.

          healthwise, no problem. let us know how you fared!

        2. I wouldn't refreeze it w/out an ice cream maker because you'll end up with hard frozen sweetened cream that'll be hard to scoop and be icy. I'd probably bake up brownies, molten chocolate cake, apple pie, etc. and have it drizzled over that.

          1. Great suggestions, guys. It actually turned out ok...the consistency was a little frosty/flaky but the flavor is there. Thanks for the tips.