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Oct 24, 2007 02:39 PM

Dominic's on Arthur Ave

We are planning to go to Dominic's on Arthur Ave with a group. I know they don't have a menu with prices. Can anyone tell me what the average price for dinner there is? I'd just like to make sure it's within reason for the group. Also, do they take cash only?

Finally, I hear they don't serve dessert. Any recommendations for a good place to go afterwards? On my previous trips to the neighborhood, I didn't see much beyond typical italian pastry shops - are any of them better than the others?


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  1. Egidio's has excellent Italian desserts. All the dessert places will focus on typical Italian desserts!

    1. I can't help you with Dominick's, but our current favorite cafe for coffee and pastry is De Lillo's (on 187th just east of Arthur); second fave is Morrone's, just a few doors north of Dominick's on Arthur. Palumbo's (Arthur and 187th) has more seating, but is not at the same level of pastry goodness. Egidio's, our former favorite, is still OK, but - in our opinion - is not as good as De Lillo's or Morrone's.

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      1. go to Robertos, much better than dominicks

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          I agree, skip Dominick's and go to Roberto's instead for superior food and imo a much better environment. I think De Lillo's has the best pastries in the neighborhood.

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            I have not been to Dominick's in years and recommend Roberto's to many, but I think that you may be steering cupcakegirl wrong. For one thing Roberto's with a group might be a struggle, but more important, it is a totally different kind of place. The food is much more sophisticated and not the Italian American red sauce character of Dominick's. If that is what their group is looking for they won't find it at Roberto's. And despite the lack of Menus or fixed prices at Dominick's, I'm sure that the final tab will be a lot less there than at Roberto's. (Perhaps someone who has eaten there recently, can respond the the OP's request for an approximate per person cost).

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              I think one of the problems with Dominick's is that the cost varies depending on all types of unknown variables. As for group dining at Roberto's, last week twelve of us were easily accommodated in the main dining room (our dinner was on a Monday night). The restaurant also has a wine cellar that is good for a group. I've eaten at Dominick's and it certainly wasn't cheap and the food was no where near as good as it is at Roberto's. Cupcakegirl, I recommend that you call both Dominick’s and Roberto’s and see what they say about hosting a group as well as menu options.

        2. On the back wall near the kitchen before you climb the stairs you will see the price list hanging.

          1. I go to both places, Roberto's and Dominic's, somewhat regularly, probably 6 times a year for both. They are two totally different experiences.

            If you want to dine and have a great meal Roberto's is the place, the food is way more sophisticated and the ambiance and service more formal. If you going with a group and you want to have fun and you want an old school noisy place where you’re sure to talk to half the room, Dominic’s can’t be beat. I bring out of town customers their all the time and they love it. I take my sales team there every year for lunch just before Christmas and we have a great time.

            As far as cost I would say the average cost for Roberto's will be between $50 and $60 for apps, entree and desert. As for Dominic’s, $35 to $40 for apps, pasta and a meat course.

            You can’t go wrong at either, depends what you are looking for. Enjoy!