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Oct 24, 2007 02:30 PM

Rocky Mountain Oysters in NYC

Anyone know where to get Rocky Mountain oysters in NYC? (other than Maremma)
I checked on Chowhound and places like Blue Ribbon and Ouest were mentioned but when I called the restaurants they insisted they dont serve them and never have :(
Any leads would be appreciated! It doesnt have to be just in Manhattan either...

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  1. 212-595-1888 Fairway ... ask for meat dept.
    When Fairway doesn't have it, they can sometimes give you good tips
    on where to get it. If this fails, work your way through the BBQ places
    starting with Rub on W. 23 St.

    1. just saw this on another post; kebab cafe in astoria:
      and at kenka (japanese izakata on st marks place), you can order both turkey testicles and bull's penis (I've had both there . . . . sorta gross).