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Oct 24, 2007 02:20 PM

Simple place near 150 East 50th St

I will be arriving around Xmas with the family at the above address and need somewhere closeby thats not to expensive but fun . Somewhere with some atmosphere and "very Manhattan" or with salads , burgers , pizzas or something else .
We will be tired after a long journey so nothing to complicated would be in order and perhaps within walking distace .

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  1. not sure the cross street there but yr in midtown east...not many real authentic places.

    i will recommend pj clarkes though. its a good bar when no one is there and hopefully during xmas, it should be quieter.

    1. Steve,

      Go to PJ Clarke's, 55th St and Third Ave, within easy walking distance. It's a 19th century NY classic saloon, great for burgers and salads. Old brick walls, red checked table cloths and generous drinks. Everyone from Frank Sinatra to Mike Bloomberg has passed through here. It doesn't get more "New York" than this.

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      1. re: Texstyle

        P.J.'s is great. Ashton's is just a few steps from you, and welcoming.