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Oct 24, 2007 02:15 PM

The Park at 14th

I just got an emailing stating that this new restaurant/lounge will be opening on November 1st:

Opening on November 1st, The Park at 14th (pictured), a classy dine, lounge and party place located opposite Franklin Square, is loaded with eye-appeal – polished wood, gorgeous Dale Chihuly chandeliers and views of greenery from its many window seats; its exhibition kitchen turns out midpriced, updated American classics, while the top two floors are devoted to a lounge (DJs on Thursday–Saturday) and a private event space, which can host anything from a business briefing to a gala (920 14th St. NW; 202-737-7275).

There is no menu up yet but I'm excited about this place just from the decor---very impressive, cozy looking. Then again I'm also a huge Chihuly fan.

This Fall seems promising for a number of new restaurant openings.

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  1. I work right across the park from it, and can only picture the place having lots of views of the "residents" of Franklin Square.

    They also have a note on the door to the neighborhood about how they had to cut down a tree to make the place and that they plan on planting another one. That's all I know of it.

    1. The Park at 14th Street
      Correction: the sconces & the blown-glass chandeliers were all designed by Ethel A Furman & Associates. They were blown by our glass blowers. They are not blown or designed by Dale Chihuly. Please correct your write up

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      1. re: Arthur F Furman

        It's not my write up---that was cut and pasted from Zagats...perhaps you want to contact them.

      2. Chihuly knock-offs, and crappy ones at that!

        Stick to the real Chihuly glass, Elyssa!

        1. Seven years later, I'm sure Elyssa knows that this is not a place for Chowhounds.

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            1. re: Bob W

              Yes----yes indeed HAHA And if I remember correctly they were snooty to boot!

              1. re: Elyssa

                Not if you play for the Redskins!

                Our office has had a couple of gatherings there, and the bar food is perfectly fine, but it's never been a dining destination.

                However, I can report that starting next Monday, they are going to be serving lunch and dinner every day of the week, so my guess is that the Cristal business is not what it used to be.