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Oct 24, 2007 01:54 PM

Take your pick

Bourbon and Johnnie Walker fans. Take your pick. Evan Williams 23 yo or Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

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  1. JWBL...remembering good time during tasting it...

    1. Evan Williams. Blue Label may be a good blended, but it is still a blended.

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      1. re: Captain

        how is blended a bad thing? i've heard many others express this opinion and wonder why you would think that.

        i've tasted hundreds and hundreds of whiskies over the past decade and think that blue label is a really wonderful scotch. is it worth the price? that's up to you. good old whiskies are getting scarcer and more expensive these days, so i don't think it's too outrageous, but there are still better values in scotch.

        as for the evan williams, i haven't tried that one yet. i've had several other bourbons of that age and to my palate, they have spent too long in wood. bourbon matures much more quickly than scotch as it is aged in new oak barrels and subject to very extreme variations of temperature every year, causing the whiskey to absorb the oak very quickly. every once in a while there is a batch that can achieve a great age and still remain balanced, but it's pretty rare. most of my favorite bourbons are between 6 and 15 years old.

        if you go to a good bar, you should be able to find these and try them before you buy. the best way to decide!

        1. re: warrenr

          I agree that too many people automatically write off blended scotch. Most blends are not as assertive as many single malts, but I find many that I like better than many mild singles. My true love is Laphroaig, but I often choose Dewar's if the bar hasn't got an Islay.

          1. re: warrenr

            I think my basic issue with belndeds is that they normally are good, well-balanced, and neihter too smoky, sweet, herbal, etc., and because of that I find lack character. When I want a smoky, peaty, herbal, or whateber whiskey, I won't usually pick a blended.