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Oct 24, 2007 01:50 PM

A non-crowded/rushed brunch spot in Gramercy, Flatiron/Union Square, East Village, West Village?

6 of us are going to brunch this Sunday, so we want to avoid anywhere crowded or rushed. Perhaps such a place is non-existent, but any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. I haven't been for brunch, but Aurora Soho has never been crowded or rushed when I was there for dinner and the food is uniformly good.

    1. If you're willing to go upscale, you cannot do better than Eleven Madison Park for brunch. There is a breakfast side to the menu, but I prefer to skip it and head straight for Chef Humm's exquisite French-inspired lunch fare. Excellent service. Never a rush. Beautiful space. Reservations accepted.

      1. craftbar takes reservations for lunch. I was there a few Sundays ago and the food was great, especially the fingerling potatoes with cippolini onions. Their brunch menu is somewhat small, but you can also order from the lunch menu. I'd say one-third of the tables were empty at the time of our 1 PM reservation and it was easy to have conversation.

        1. Tasting Room
          Caffe Emilia
          Devin Tavern (Tribeca, though)

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            Thanks-the menu for Caffe Emilia looks like what we're looking for. Is it a large place?

            1. re: RF0220

              Not really huge but if it's nice, they have a larger garden in back.

              It's kinda new so I doubt lots of people know about it yet...