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Wu Liang Ye -- What should I order?

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Can you recommend a dish with a lot of sichuan peppercorns in it?

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  1. Get the razor clams on the specials page. It's served fanned out beautifully like a peacock, and while you might be disappointed by its pale appearance because its not doused with red chili oil but instead mixed with a bright green sauce, the numbing factor will undoubtedly strike later on. Its a great cold dish!


      1. if they still have it, their braised tofu dish. very greasy and spicy and good. they may have replaced the minced pork with eggplant though, and that one is not as good.

        1. I like whatever items that are handwritten on the first page of the menu. For example, crispy fish skin.

          1. Water Cooked Beef (Shui Zhu Niu Rou). It's very spicy but very good. Make sure you eat a lot of rice! Sometimes I take the leftover home and add tofu to it the next day. It tastes just as good!

            I think their Dan Dan noodle also is quite good. But I would avoid the Chendu Wonton (Hong You Chao Shou / aka Red Oil Wonton). The wonton skin is too thick and the filling is too lean. Just my thoughts.

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              Agreed, avoid the Red Oil Wonton. (If you are going to the 48th st. outfit, the only one I have been to.)

              I also like their Sour Green Beans with Minced Pork. (It's not string beans, but called "Gang Dou" in Chinese.) It's on the handwritten menu sometimes.

            2. Quick review of stuff I've had from them:

              Szechuan Pork dumplings - fantastic, love the thin pastry of the dumpling
              Shredded tea smoked duck - Really tender, tea smoked flavor is wonderful. Was worried b/c I've never had shredded duck but they cut it to a nice size. Plus they kept the skin in tact.
              Beef braised soup - Oily but delicious. Beef is so tender I'm surprised it's beef.
              Tangerine shrimp - Huge shrimp, nice flavor. Kind of a sweet dish and I prefer more savory, however. I guess that's what you'd expect with the name.
              Stiry fried chicken - Forgot what the exact name of the dish was, but they first deep fried the chicken, and then stir fried it. The end result was overly fried for me (where's the chicken? all I tasted was fried stuff).

              I highly recommend this place. I had to drink some green tea at the office afterwards (helps clean your system from the heavy oily cholesterol intake).

              1. Shui Zhu Niu Rou contains plenty of "wah jiao" -- the Sichuan peppercorns -- on top. So does Ma-Po Tofu, which is delectable when Wu Liang Ye's chefs are on their game. "Baby Shrimp with Scallion Pesto" is also a winner. Finally, on the mild side, we like the "Chicken with Rainbow Vegetable" (Wu Cai Gee). Most everything here is well prepared. But be prepared to be confounded by poor service and a total lack of common sense on the part of both servers and management.

                1. Gotta start with the dan dan mian and the sichuan pork dumplings and cool down with the camphor tea smoked duck.