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Oct 24, 2007 01:27 PM

Wu Liang Ye -- What should I order?

Can you recommend a dish with a lot of sichuan peppercorns in it?

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  1. Get the razor clams on the specials page. It's served fanned out beautifully like a peacock, and while you might be disappointed by its pale appearance because its not doused with red chili oil but instead mixed with a bright green sauce, the numbing factor will undoubtedly strike later on. Its a great cold dish!

      1. if they still have it, their braised tofu dish. very greasy and spicy and good. they may have replaced the minced pork with eggplant though, and that one is not as good.

        1. I like whatever items that are handwritten on the first page of the menu. For example, crispy fish skin.

          1. Water Cooked Beef (Shui Zhu Niu Rou). It's very spicy but very good. Make sure you eat a lot of rice! Sometimes I take the leftover home and add tofu to it the next day. It tastes just as good!

            I think their Dan Dan noodle also is quite good. But I would avoid the Chendu Wonton (Hong You Chao Shou / aka Red Oil Wonton). The wonton skin is too thick and the filling is too lean. Just my thoughts.

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              Agreed, avoid the Red Oil Wonton. (If you are going to the 48th st. outfit, the only one I have been to.)

              I also like their Sour Green Beans with Minced Pork. (It's not string beans, but called "Gang Dou" in Chinese.) It's on the handwritten menu sometimes.