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Oct 24, 2007 01:26 PM

Thanksgiving dinner in Minneapolis or Roseville

My husband, daughter and I will be in Minneapolis on Thanksgiving day. We'd like some ideas as to where to get a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in an upscale setting. We are staying at a hotel in Roseville, but certainly can drive to downtown Minneapolis. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Lexington in St. Paul serves traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving. The setting is upscale in a supper club, ladies who lunch sort of way. The service tends to be very good. The food is so-so - serviceable, unoffensive, but not exactly chowish either.

    If you decide to go, make reservations ASAP. It's my understanding that they fill up well in advance of Thanksgiving.

    OK I see the place link doesn't have an address, so here it is:
    1096 Grand Avenue
    St. Paul, MN 55105

    Also, here's the link to their website:

    The Lexington
    1096 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105

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        Seeing that this thread was started seven years ago, it's very probable that other info in it is incorrect too.

    1. I don't have any particular recommendations that I can give from personal experience regarding traditional Thanksgiving meals at restaurants. However, I just did a search on Open Table for reservations on 11/22 and found that Kincaids and Tria's in St. Paul also have reservations available then. I could see Kincaids serving a traditional turkey dinner, but have no clue about Tria's.

      In Minneapolis, the following downtown restaurants have reservations on the 22nd: BANK, Basil's, Chambers, Cosmos, Firelake, M&S Grill, Manhattan's, the Monte Carlo, Nicollet Island Inn, and Rossi's. I would think that the Monte Carlo and Nicollet Island Inn would be the best bets for a traditional turkey dinner. I would also recommend Chamber's and Cosmos as places to check out, although they are less likely to have a traditional Thanksgiving menu. The other places may also have what you are looking for. I've not eaten at Firelake, M&S, or Manhattan's. The other places are perfectly fine if not exactly memorable.

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        As an update (and reminder), Chambers Kitchen and Rossi's mentioned above are out of business. The new D'Amico at Chambers may or may not have Thanksgiving dinner.

      2. I had a Thanksgiving dinner at Jax Cafe one year and I thought it was really nice. Good food, white tablecloths, Bellini's (not really a Thanksgiving drink, but I always like booze on thanksgiving). They do fill up fast so make reservations early. And they have a large parking lot, so you don't have to worry about finding parking in DT.

        Jax Cafe
        1928 University Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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          I'd second the Jax recommendation.

        2. Axel's at the Radision in Roseville does a wonderful job. Also the Green Mill attached to the Hampton Inn ( lexington and 694) was great. Jax you never can go wrong with as well.

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            Along the same lines as Axel's (in fact, someone told me they have the same ownership, though, I haven't verified that), Rudy's in White Bear also has a Thanksgiving menu. I've only been there for business lunch, so I can't vouch for Thanksgiving dinner, but White Bear's not too far from Roseville if you hop on 36 going east and then take 35E North...(I suppose I'd only go to Rudy's if I couldn't get into Axel's and didn't want to drive to Minneapolis if I were you...)


            Also very convenient to Roseville would be Muffuletta. I don't know if they do Thanksgiving, but it would be worth a phone call. It's better than both Axel's and Rudy's, in my opinion.


            I went to Tria for Mother's Day a couple of years ago and thought it was awful. It was only once and it was Mother's Day, not Thanksgiving, and maybe things have changed, but they did not handle the pacing of the meal very well and there was a long wait to be seated even though we (of course) had reservations. Food was meh, though I think they've made some changes in key staff since I was there. Still, I would be personally reluctant to leave my special occasion meal in their hands...


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              We just ate at Tria this evening and it was quite possibly the worst dinner we have ever had (and that's saying a lot)! Bread basket was 20 minutes. Starters - salad and scallops took 40 minutes. No checking, no apology, no wait staff in sight. Sent beet salad back. No cheese as advertised, beets just this side of raw, and brown greens. Wait staff messed up entrees and gave me cod instead of lobster. Sent back. Husband had Coq au Vin which was mediocre at best. One of the wines was corked. Manager charged us for other entree and wine. We were dumbfounded! They gave us a $25 gift certificate and a coupon for discounted movie tickets which we left on the table. Manager chased us out into the parking lot waving them....pathetic. This was our 4th and final visit. Son even said to us as we were leaving, "you're going there, why?" We should have listened.

          2. I just checked the Cosmos website the other day and they have a menu for Thanksgiving under the link for holidays and events. It looks good, and they have turkey with all the trimmings as one of the entree choices, but no pumpkin pie for dessert (pumpkin custard though). I really liked the food at Cosmos. The halibut confit, halibut poached in duck stock, was simply amazing. The restaurant is definitely a sleekly designed, upscale setting.