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Oct 24, 2007 01:12 PM

865 Forest Ave. Portland

The revolving door that is 865 Forest Ave. (Flirts, BBQ joint, American Pie... etc.) will become a family style mexican joint, per the sign out front. Just what we need, more lousy mexican in Portland. They won't make it till summer '08. My bet is the next place to go in will be the reincarnation of Oolong. Why not? Take a failed restaurant from a failed location and place it in quite possibly the most failed location in Portland. Or how about another sushi restaurant? We could use another pizza place in Portland, and then the location could come full circle.

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  1. Even better:
    Another Thai place!!!

    1. Please try to be nice. Tell us of your accomplishments !!!!!!!

      1. Mexico Lindo of South Portland is moving to this location. Probably the most authentic Mexican restaurant in Maine, run by a Mexican family and when I went only had all hispanic families eating. $8 Patron( or any choice of tequila) margaritas with fresh lime and cointreau. The old Tony Romas is just too large I am sure.

        Why must all you pseudo-foodies, wanna-be restaurant critics dis those who are willing to pursue their dreams of opening a restaurant. Please let us know when you open yours.

        Why is that a failed location? Thrill us with your acumen...

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        1. re: Noreaster

          Mexico Lindo is moving??? I do like their food and South Portland can't stand to lose a half-way decent restaurant...

          eta: Sorry, just saw the Portland Psst post that they aren't moving but opening a branch? It's not a bad place, to be honest. Glad it's not leaving SoPo.

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            865 forest isnt a failed location, its a great location with lots of parking and windows. I wonder if its going in the thai part in the front, or the pizza part in the back.

            Mexico Lindo is the most filthily dirty restaurant I have eaten at in Maine. I would have swept it myself if I wasnt so busy keeping the flies off of my carne asada. My family and I ate there this summer before a movie and....never again.

          2. I'm shocked that this place actually has a few positive reviews on this site. I recently moved to Portland and live nearby, so when my craving for good Mexican became too much to bear, my boyfriend and I headed over to give Mexico Lindo a try. I should say that I spent 5 years in San Diego and the boyfriend is a chef, so we're a bit biased on both accounts...but the meal was absolutely disgusting and a total disappointment. I'll start with the good - the tacky decor was bad, but expected and the bathrooms were very clean and quite nice. We started with the typical chips and salsa, which were not the best, but not terrible either. I'm usually wary of ordering mixed drinks (I find they're usually watered down swill) and this was no exception. I sprang for the $29 pitcher of top-shelf margaritas. It tasted more like watered down orange juice from concentrate and the pitcher was jam packed with ice. We usually order a few dishes and share. I wanted guacamole, which was ok. Nicely spicy, but I suspect the avocados were frozen, not fresh. The albondigas soup was a bland disappointment with meatballs that were made of God-only-knows what mystery meat. The $4.50 tamale was a huge disapointment. It was quite greasy and the masa was flavorless while the pork was dried beyond belief. I've bought better two for $1 from a man dragging a cooler down the streets of Tijuana. It was accompanied by limp iceberg lettuce and a pale, tasteless tomato slice. The chicken and steak fajitas were quite bad. I'm not sure what kind of oil they used, but it tasted stale and left a greasy coating on my palate. The rice was overcooked and I didn't even want to touch the beans, which were covered in a puddle of greasy cheese. Overall, a very disappointing experience and probably one of the top 10 worst meals I've had. On another positive note, the waiter was quite nice. People, please keep in mind - yes, Mexicans might own the place...but not all Mexicans can cook.

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            1. re: foodpoisoned

              Wow. First off, I have to say that I've never had a bad meal at Mexico Lindo. My Texan boyfriend and I go every couple of weeks to satisfy our cravings for authentic Mexican cuisine. The place is always clean, and I'm sorry, but the decor is accurate and completely appropriate. The fish tacos with a side of guacamole (I don't get the frozen feeling) and an ice cold Pacifico make a great meal. It isn't gourmet, but If you're in the mood for comfort food and some great beer specials then give it a try. As for the mixed drinks, I do like their Sangria, but wasn't that impressed by the Margaritas. That is the one complaint I do have. Otherwise, it's one of my favorite spots to go for a late lunch after a late night.

              1. re: foodpoisoned

                Hmmm....I'd have to agree completely with foodpoisoned, but maybe I need to give it another try. I've now been to two Mexico Lindo locations around portland (are there more than 2?) and both meals were less than good. We heard a lot of recommendations so the first time we went we even got the Ceviche, which was downright inedible because it was lukewarm and the seafood was rubbery. Can't remember what we've gotten for entrees, but none of them have even come close to satisfying our cravings for good Mexican now that we moved to Maine. That said, I'm certainly not from Texas/southwest--I was born in Boston and have spent the last 15 years in I don't think I'm being overly biased/critical.

                I'm not trying to be overly negative, just sharing my experiences. Maybe positive reviewers (phofanatic?) could recommend a dish they've enjoyed. could just be hit or miss.

                The only places that have satisfied our (wife & I) needs for decent mexican-ish food are the Fajita Grill in Westbrook (can only vouch for the poblanos, as I get them every single time) and Salvadorian cuisine at Tu Casa in Portland.

              2. 865 Forest Ave will never be better than when it was Raoul's. ever.

                I went there when I was a good bit younger, but I still remember just how great those nachos and other assorted disco food dishes were. license plates all over the wall, great pinball machines in the basement. That was THE spot for me when I'd visit Maine as a kid.

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                1. re: cathpah

                  I think Fore Street could move into that location and struggle. Yes, there is good parking, yes there are numerous neighborhoods/people living off of Forest Ave.....but, for the most part (unless you are a chain) to be a viable eat in restaurant in the Portland market you need to be on the peninsula. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between, especially ones of a space that size. Only place that comes to mind for me for a space that size is the Great Lost Bear.