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Oct 24, 2007 01:09 PM

The best authentic mexican

I am originally from Colorado and there is a little place called the Original Chubbys and I really loved it. Real small, friendly service and you can get food @ 3 am. Since I have been in DC, I have not found an authentic mexican restaurant. I'm looking for Chile Rellenos, Smothered burritos and really good green chile. Please help I'm desperate.

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  1. Let me preface this with a disclaimer: I never have been, and probably will never be an expert on good Mexican food, I grew up in MD, it just isn't our thing. Many threads on this with people saying it just isn't in DC. So on that note, if I was really craving good Mexican, but perhaps could lower my expectations a little I would go to Guajillo it is in Rosslyn right by Ray's the Steaks and has some really good things. They might have a website and you could see if they have what you want. I have had things there I really enjoyed. On another thread I think I remember you posting that you had youngsters (although that could have been reffering to days of old they could be all grown up now) and I think they would be welcome here, as well.

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      Thank you very much. with all the variety of food in DC, MD, and VA, this is the only dissapointment. No mexican, but I love Chipotle and I will try Guajillo. My daughters are still 6 & 7 but they love any kind of restaurant as long as there is chicken or such on the menu. They behave perfectly in pulic because of my addiction to trying new foods. (they have been going out with me ever since they were a couple weeks old) LOL. California Tortilla is ok but it is more trendy then authentic. Thanks again I cant wait to try it.

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      1. You can search through the threads here - look for the places mentioned that are in the Bladensburg/Riverdale neighborhood in PG County - that's where the local Mexican community thrives. A number of good, hole-in-the-wall taquerias there.

        That said, those who really know Mexican cooking say that these places are good, but not great, and that your average neighborhood joint in LA, for example, is better.

        Also, I would argue that some of the things you list (smothered burritos) aren't actually Mexican food either, so you may be looking for the "Old Chubbys" experience, and not necessarily an "authentic Mexican" restaurant.

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          I love green chile and put it on everything Chubby's is not the only place in CO that will do that for me and even though it may not be traditional, I get those cravings sometimes. If I can get the option of a good greeen chile and chips I might even be happy at this point. lol. I love traditional mexican as well and I have just been very dissapointed at almost every place I've tried. I looked ot the menu for Oyamel and Guaillo and both look rather good.Oyamel looks a little more traditional, but I let you know after I try it.

        2. Green chile barely exists in this area; I've been looking since I moved from Arizona in 1989. I believe it's on the menu in some form at Anita's, Taqueria Poblano and Austin Grill, but none of it was good enough to try a second time.

          There are decent-enough taquerias -- mainly around Riverdale in Prince George's County and way down Route 1 south of Alexandria. There are many, many "Mexican" places run by Salvadorans, some better than others but none all that great.

          I happen to think that the fajitas and chips and salsa at Rio Grande Cafe, Cactus Cantina and Guapo's are very good in their own way (many will disagree), but it's still not the same as a really good green- or red-chile burrito (or "burro," as Arizonans would say) or really good enchiladas or huevos rancheros in Tucson or Phoenix.

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            FWIW, I think that Anita's and Taq Poblano just have chile verde-filled burritos and enchiladas, and not chile verde as a standalone dish; Austin Grill does sometimes have chile verde as a special sometimes, and it's not bad, but not great. On the whole, though, I suspect that Austin Grill might be the closest to what you are looking for; smothered burritos and chiles rellenos are the sort of thing they do well.

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              Anita has green chile on some dishes, and they've been willing, on request, to put it on many others. I've never asked them to serve it as a stand-alone dish, but I suspect they'd be willing.

            2. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

              We too moved here from AZ (Tucson) about a year ago, and thanks to your post, we now know that our quest for good Mexican food shall come to an end.

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                You should try the goat taco at El Charrito Caminante in Arlington. I just returned from California where I ate a great taqueria twice in the same day. Tripas, carnitas, cabezas, and al pastor ... but the cabrito at TECC still holds a place in my heart. If you are anywhere in the area of South of Alexandria on Rte 1, then you should try the huarache con birria at Guadelajara Tacos y Tortas.

            3. Taqueria Distrito Federal in Columbia Heights is small, good and very inexpensive, but I don't think it has any of the menu items you're seeking. However, the customers in there are always speaking Spanish...maybe a good sign?