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Oct 24, 2007 12:57 PM

Sweet 16th Bakery Nashville review

I finally made it to Sweet 16th Bakery in East Nashville and thought I'd throw out what a great place it is if you are looking for fantastic and reasonably priced cupcakes. I've been on the hunt and have tried Dulce (too dry, IMO) and some others that have been good but pricey, but the ones at Sweet 16th ( are perfect -- moist with great icing -- and at $15-$21/dozen are much better than the $3.50/cupcake I've seen from others.

We had the chocolate iced/chocolate cupcakes and the "Little Elvis" which was a banana cupcake filled with peanut butter cream and iced with cream cheese icing. TO DIE FOR. They were a big hit and we all agreed that it's well worth the drive to East Nashville for some quality cupcakes :-


As an added bonus, they also have fresh made soups and are adding some Thanksgiving items to the menu soon.

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  1. My brother routinely brings goodies from Sweet 16th whenever they come visit from Nashville. The red velvet cake and lemon tart as particular favors of ours. :-)

    1. If you are a food snob like me, this is the place for you... The desserts truly are great and sweet... but not sugary... it's the excellent combination for dessert lovers like me.

      I'm an Atlanta native who grew up around Alon's, Cafe Intermezzo, and recently, the Chocolate Pink Cafe, until I had to move to greater Nashville and trust me, if you are familiar with any of those shops in Atlanta, then you will be very pleased with Sweet 16th.

      On another note, they have some excellent scones.. the best scones I've ever had outside of the United Kingdom.