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Oct 24, 2007 12:54 PM

Need to find best pizza, in Town of Fairfield,CT [Moved from The Best board]

Can anyone help me to find the best pizza within 5 miles of Fairfield,CT(town not county)

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  1. Frank Pepe's, right off Exit 25 of I-95 (a branch of the New Haven pizzeria of the same name).

      1. Yup, no need to go all the way to New Haven.

        Look --->

        1. If you can't get into Pepes, which is often the case, give Nauti Dolphin a try. It is down at the Fairfield train station, take out only.
          Great Pies with thin crusts. Some very original types as well.
          They have a white pie, with shrimp, garlic, and ricotta cheese that is really good. We get it with a little red sauce on the side for dipping only.

          1. Pepe's. You are lucky to be so close. They were out of clams a few weeks ago so no white clam pizza and I almost cried - we live in Westchester so don't get there as often as I'd like. However, they were offering a substitute shrimp version and while it wasn't the same it was darn good too. Pepes, Pepes, Pepes.