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Oct 24, 2007 11:56 AM

Last Week's Breakfast Hunt

Last week I posted in in the hopes of finding a caterer for a small (4-8 person) breakfast business meeting that was to be held in our offices.

The space is no longer available and now i need to find a nice breakfast spot with a small private dining area where we can hold our meeting/presentation.

If you know of a place in either Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, West LA, Century City or any of the adjacent areas I would be thrilled to hear from you.


I have already tried Lemon Moon, Joan's on Third, Clementine, Cafe Bizou, and I;ve left a message for the folks at Back on Broadway.

Any ideas would help!



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  1. how about The Griddle, Toast, Cafe Flore?

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    1. re: smartcooki

      Griddle is a great idea...they have the private space and the price is right, but my co-worker says it isn't professional enough. Bummer.

      Cafe Flore is too far east and Toast is (IMO) not good.

      Thanks for your help Smartcooki!!! If anything else comes to mind just let me know!

    2. what about literati or the patio of the littl next door?

      1. Have you talked to the folks at Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica? Corner of Princeton and Wilshire.

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        1. re: Servorg

          Good call...but alas, they have no private room.

          Thanks though!

        2. Had a client meeting a couple of months back in a private dinning room at the restaurant at the Century Plaza Hotel. Food was pretty good, and the setting was nice. Don't know what it cost, but it's probably not cheap.

          1. Thanks Everyone!

            We've made reservations at Back On Broadway in Santa Monica.

            I'll report back.