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Oct 24, 2007 11:51 AM

12th and 6th area -- Friend coming to town

I have an old friend coming to town and I want to take her to dinner somewhere nice but not super expensive in the west village -- recommendations?

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  1. Alta on 10th street and 6th has great tapas. If you order right, you could have an inexpensive meal there. It's also a nice place because you can try lots of different food. It's a fun atmosphere as well.

    For more casuel, but still nice, try Bar Six maybe right on 6th and 12th street.

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      We always have a great time at Alta. And the prices are very reasonable, especially if you stick to beer & wine rather than the cocktails (including their sangria, which is a crazy delicious mixed drink, with minimal, if any, wine involvement).

        1. Ditto re: Crispo. Great food; moderately priced.

          1. da andrea or gradisca for italian.