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Oct 24, 2007 11:50 AM

Holiday trip to PDX and SEA

I'm planning a roadtrip up from San Francisco up to Oregon over the holidays. I've created a short list of places to eat, mainly based on the recent NY Times article and some of the restaurants in the Gourmet restaurant issue. I was thinking about Paley's Place for Christmas Eve dinner. Any thoughts or alternatives? I would be interested in a place that was creating a special tasting menu or theme for the evening, but open to suggestions.

In the days prior, some of the places I was planning on trying include Le Pigeon, Pok Pok, Clyde Common and possibly clarklewis. Is there something fabulous that I'm missing? Any cheap eat alternatives to help offset some of the pricey dinners? Especially something that I might not be able to experience in SF?

Are there any Willamette Valley eateries that are worth making a short road trip to try?


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  1. SE Portland FTW!

    clarklewis? Fugghedaboutit. Lacks focus these days.

    Give Nostrana a try. Sel Gris, too.

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      Not sure what you mean by Willamette Valley: it's a vast area. In wine country of Yamhill County you could try Painted Lady or Dundee Bistro.

      Don't bother with clarklewis, same for Nostrana. Latter is expensive for the quality, icky service, uneven food.

      For pizza try Ken's Artisan Pizza. Sel Gris is a good idea.

      Paley's is a great choice, or you could consider Heathman Hotel for xmas eve.

      Podnah's for BBQ.

      Sahagun Chocolate for the best hot chocolate or mocha I've ever had.

      Cheap alternatives? Try Burgerville our local chain. Check out the local seasonal menu, perhaps by that time there will be sweet potato fries & chocolate/hazelnut shake!
      Or Kenny & Zuke's Deli, a new Jewish deli on SW 11th/Stark. Cheap relative to Paley's.