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Oct 24, 2007 11:50 AM

Pebble Beach area - 4 guys, not fancy

4 guys are golfing for a few days in PB. Looking for high quality food, nothing fancy (either food or decor) and reasonably priced (as we're spending all our money on greens' fees). Typical basic American fare (steaks, chicken, fish), probably not Mexican. We're thinking bar food at Jack London's in Carmel one night - any experiences there? Any other suggestions of high quality, reasonably priced basic food?

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    1. re: diningduo

      I have stayed at Mission Ranch Inn at least once a year for many years and definitely second this recommendation. Here's a link to their restaurant website:

      The restaurant has a great burger. The prime rib is good (try the sandwich to save on expense and to get a smaller portion), and I love their scalloped potatoes. For those who want lighter fare -- the cobb salad has roasted turkey (not turkey roll) and a half order is plenty for dinner.

      For what it's worth, consider having your lipid panel run before you eat here!

    2. It's been awhile since I've been here, but what about Clint Eastwood's place - Hog's Breath Inn? Very casual - oh, and Rio Grill or Tarpy's Roadhouse??

      1. There's a reasonably priced, not fancy restaurant right next to Roys in Pebbel Beach. I think it's called the Clubhouse. Good food - great views.

        1. here's some leads for other areas--Pacific Grove, Monterey, Carmel Valley-- that should give you some options. Most about 10-15 minutes away from PB.