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Oct 24, 2007 11:43 AM

Dining recs for family visiting philly

Hi all -

We will be attending the craft show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on November 9th and would like to have dinner afterwards. Our 6 yr old son will be accompanying us. Looking for something moderate. I'm open to any suggestions. (Steak, chicken, italian food and seafood are all high on my son's list of good eats. :)

That day also happens to be my birthday, so the trick is that I'm trying to find a place that is suitable to bring our son - who is a pretty good eater, (and very well-behaved) but is still 6 yrs old (in other words, I don't want to be spending $28-$32 for an entree for him) - and at the same time be an enjoyable place to dine on my B-day. A liquor license would be a big plus as I would really dig a martini before dinner.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. How about The Continental. You can have a cocktail and everything is served family style. It is a fun place and the food is good. Also, Jones has comfort food and the Duncan Hines chocolate cake for dessert would work for your birthday.

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      Ly Michaels is walking distance from Convention Center. Extensive menu; reasonable, can't imagine why your son would be delighted. Also, they have a bar.

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        for your situation, i'm going to have to agree with daisym - at most mid-range stephen starr restaurants, you can get a nice drink while kids also seem to be well-tolerated (i think big dining rooms contribute to this feel). in addition to continental i was thinking el vez too. their enchiladas would be a hit with kids, and i think the black bean one is only like $8. i still think they have some of the best guac in town. and the decor there would really amuse your kid - a giant rotating glittery bike in the middle of the place, and a ton of little dioramas up on the wall.
        you could easily walk to el vez at 13th and sansom and then cross the street to treat the family to some gelato from capogiro (if it's not too cold!!).

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          I would say no to the Continental. I've been to all 3 now and not one is really family friendly as far as a 6 year old and depending on what time you go, you might not be able to hear each other speak.. Jones an absolute yes, they have amazing food, drinks and ambiance and definitely family friendly.

        2. Jones at 7th and Chestnut is a fun room with good home-style food. I often see families with young children dining there.

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            You'd all have a reall fun meal at Pod.

            1. re: idia

              I think this is exactly the kind of place I was looking for! Thank you sooo much!

              And thank you to everyone for your suggestions - they all look like good picks. I really appreciate it! :)

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                to see what you'll get yourself into at any of the starr places (el vez, continental, jones, pod) check out his website with links to each of these places:
                have fun!

          2. Dave & Busters down on Delaware Ave. Good food and fun games.

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              What a terrible idea! It's the OP's birthday dinner also. D&B is not the place for a birthday dinner, IMHO

            2. Silk City Diner at 4th and Spring Garden is also a great place. The portions are very large and the prices are decent. There is a bar, and the white sangria is fantastic. There are dishes on the menu that your child will enjoy (meatloaf, mac and cheese) but also items for the adults (salmon, risotto). Try the empanadas!


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                do kids actually dine there? i thought it was more of a bar. i haven't been there yet because the menu is too meat-heavy for the likes of me, but mark's sister restaurant north 3rd i eat at all the time, and it's not a kid environment. it's a bar. i thought silk city was the same...

                1. re: rabidog

                  As a veggie rabidog I reccomend sticking with North Third. I didn't do well at Silk City. I think it's best to go with meatloaf, ribs, etc. there.