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Oct 24, 2007 11:15 AM

Must Eat's in DFW

Hello! I'm fairly new to the area. Specifically, I live in Tarrant County. I'm curious about all the little hole-in-the-walls or fantastic places to eat around my neighborhood and DFW in general.

My favorite eats are authentic Chinese, Indian, and Greek, gourmet-type sandwiches, and comfort foods/America classics.

I'm looking mostly for non-chain types of places, as well as funky local eateries that aren't your typical 'Texas' restaurant. With that said, however, I'm also looking for great 'Texas' restaurants.

In any case... I'm looking for great food!

PS. If it helps at all... I'm obsessed with Central Market...

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  1. If you like bagel sandwiches I would suggest Boopas Bagel Deli (Fossil creek area).
    Mediterranean Food I like Hedray's (on Hemphill).
    I also like the Sea Bass at Parthenon (just outside of Downtown).

    1. Mac and Cheese and Sour Cream Apple Pie at Hibiscus on Knox Henderson are fantastic. I haven't been, but I heard that The Porch - also on Knox Henderson - is comfort food central.

      1. First Chinese BBQ in Arlington is fantastic! If you like Middle Eastern food, Narah's is good, too. Their dolma and hummus is really good. I'm not sure if it's considered to be in Arlington or Pantego...

        1. You have to try "It's Greek to Me" 500 E Round Grove Rd Ste 310
          Lewisville, TX 75067 Been going there for years, great service.

          1. I see you're in Roanoke. You need to get to Babe's Chicken stat, if you already haven't.

            They're the best in the area for fried chicken, at least in my opinion.

            I don't know much else over in that area. I live in Tarrant Cty too, but at the southern end of the airport. There are a few small places over this way that I've found. I have yet to find a gourmet sandwich place.

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            1. re: QueenB

              Yes, I've been there and I like it a lot. Then someone crushed it for me by telling me there mashed potatoes are instant and some other things. But it's still good, especially when you don't feel like cooking!

              I'm going to have to open my own sandwich shop I think!

              1. re: keykey

                Oh were to Start

                Thai- Taste of Thai (360 and Arkansas) very good and small.
                Beef Curry, cheese rolls, Mesomen all very good. very busy at lunch.

                Green Bambo- Keller
                New this last year- not the screaming best but so far they are very good.
                Salads #39 excellent, seafood mix was disappointing, still getting settled.
                Friends say the Pho is excellent; I don't do soup...

                Tandoor- (Indian) Arlington (I-30) exit fielder head south to Randoll Mill.
                Perhaps my favorite Indian food- mini Indian store next door

                British Shop- Grapevine
                All the speciality items you can hope for without the 600.00 ticket to England.
                Tea, Ribena (grape juice) and biscuits excellent, british candy and odds and ends.

                Northern Italian - Piccolo Mondo's
                (I30, Exit Collins 157 north, shopping center- down from Boston uck market)
                No other... Same pricing as say finer eteries but much better food.
                Pink covered tables, excellent wine, nice holiday dinner.
                Samon, veal, sausages, Fettuccine Alfredo, clams- all good.

                Big Fish Seafood bar and Grill (Grapevine
                )Off main street historic section (414 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051 )
                Excellent sea food, oyster have been great- fair price, garlic steak excellent
                Crab options, crab claws- starter. Wife loves it... or other seafood place is in Rockport on the coast for comparison.

                A couple of door down-
                Napoli's Italian Cafe
                309 South Main Street, Grapevine, TX 76051
                Very good Pizza, excellent sauce.

                Zeke's Fish & Chips
                (British Style Fish and Chips)
                5920 Curzon Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107
                Ft. Worth
                Get the short stack with fried Mushrooms as alt to chips.
                Serious deep fried! Hush puppies also good with zing.
                Avocado sandwich is excellent

                Joe t's (family Mexician)
                Cash only
                Menu on Sundays- lots of options
                two items for dinner- unless you request salad with toppings
                Serious strong Margarita- buy the pitcher $27 for five drinks verses $5.50 a glass. we'll just say, wife has three and is happy. Four or more and help is required.
                Excellent gardens, pool is romantic at night, they put out fire pots at this time of year. Warning- this is our family meeting for all holidays, parties.
                Single guys- lots of ladies... very social in the summer.
                Indoor seating can be a tad loud.
                Don't forget the bakery up front. Yum-o as the wife says.

                Finally- good micro brew
                North of DFW (airport) is Bass Pro Shop, next door is Big Bucks.
                recently changed chiefs- limited menu but very good beer, fresh, and not held up with preservatives. Beef soup was good (hey its steak), ribs good, steak was good but touch pricey, up stairs bar- lots of tv's. they were selling mini kegs earlier in the year for their brews.

                Value for money-
                Salt Grass, split a meal, excellent ribs, great atmosphere, huge cheese cake, bar and drinks leave something to be desired.

                Have fun...