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Oct 24, 2007 10:41 AM

Dinner in Fairfield, CA?

Will be in Fairfield for one night only and would love to get good food....sick at tired of chains. It would be a crime to be so close to Napa and not eat well. Any suggestions?

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  1. Fairfield is mostly chains, however, I can suggest the Athena Grill in nearby Suisun City for fun, authentic Greek food, nothing fancy but it's a really solid local favorite. In Fairfield itself, there is a small Salvadorean restaurant that's excellent - I just can't remember the name, but I think it's close to downtown. You can probably ask or look it up in the phone book.

    1. I also would suggest the Main Street Bar and Grill in Suisun City. Excellent California French cuisine with flair. Definitely an upgrade to any chain fare. Located at 627 Main Street just off the Civic Center Blvd exit from Highway 12 eastbound.

      1. My sister lives in Suisun so I have eaten through most of the restaurants in the area. Honestly, what I love most about Fairfield is Coyote Sam's BBQ - a true whole in the wall in a strip mall, (1955 Texas St., Ste. 4 @ Beck Ave.). It is better than ANY Que I have had in the city.


        1. Main Street Bar and Grill is absolutely terrific! The service is great, the food is wonderful and they changed their menu so it is more affordable now. The presentation is gorgeous you almost don't want to eat it. Definitely try the lobster Bisque and the Fried calamari! It is more for adults than families which is nice because you can actually talk to your date and hear what they have to say. Nice, Nice place!

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            I agree with you. Although I've not had dinner, I have had a number of business lunches there - it is as good as it gets in Fairfield-Suisun.

          2. Seriously, try Peking Restaurant in the old Raley's shopping center on Travis BLVD. It is the very best. Not fancy, but the food and great service, more than makes up for it. Try the lettuce wrapped chicken, it's my fav!