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Discount (Non-Extortionist) Cheese in Toronto

Looking for a cheese place that offers a good selection and quantity of cheeses at a price that doesn't make it seem like I'm buying gold bricks. Is it even possible? I'm guessing if I go to cheese boutique I'll be able to afford to buy about a cracker's worth of cheese per guest I'm serving.

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  1. It's not discount, but I think if you went to one of the cheese stores in Kensington market and asked them to help you locate a couple moderately priced cheeses in order to try a bit at a time, they would be able to help you. They will also let you taste samples.

    1. Cheese in Ontario ( and Canada ) is an expensive product for several reasons--restrictive import quotas and duty on imported cheese and price manipulation by the marketing boards on domestic cheese -so finding discount cheese is well nigh impossible.

      I always have good luck at Pasquale Bros. ( ask the help which cheeses are a good buy that day) and Highland Farms has a very good cheese program with the occasional "special" i.e. product that's getting a little long in the tooth but still acceptable.

      1. pasquale brothers.

        $35/kg roquefort (compared to most at $50/kg-$55/kg), many other cheeses under $20/kg.

        small(ish) selection. maybe 40 cheeses.

        while youre there have a "jessies special" sandwich and tell her i sent you.


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          I think they have an import quota and are able to bypass the middleman on some (not all) of their selection

        2. Seriously: Costco

          For staples like old cheddar, parm reggiano, goat/chevre (Woolwich), gouda, jarlsberg, brie - they have prices that simply can't be beat.

          For exotics, you'll need to look elsewhere.

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            yeah but they force you to buy unmanageable quantities. last time iI bought some Gouda (about 3 lbs) it lasted about 3 weeks.

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              I second Costco.

              Shop with a friend and split what you buy. (though even larger chunks will last quite a while if repackaged and stored carefully and properly.)

              Also, if anyone goes to Quebec, stop in a Costco. They will have about 3X the varieties of cheeses we get at Costco here. Unfortunately no Quebec artisanal, mostly French, but the prices are terriffic.

            2. At many supermarkets you can find Balderson's cheeses, I love their 4 yr white cheddar, an average sized block is under $10...I was at St lawrence Market a few weeks ago and picked up a 1kg log of aged goat cheese from France, I don't know why but it was on for $20!! (usually $40), still loving that...if you went to each of the places there and asked what was on special you might do pretty well...

              1. You're right about the pricing at Cheese Boutique. I've always thought the pricing at Alex's is much better, as well as the selection. For the more exotic stuff, definitely Alex's.

                For the day to day things, Grande Cheese on Orfus Road has great prices, selection mostly limited to Italian cheeses. Universal on Kensington (might have the name wrong, but it's a couple of doors north of Sanci's) have great deals on cheese, but they don't seem to stock the high end goods.

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                    Second Grande for cheap quality cheese. I think there are about 5 locations.

                    Also if you are heading out of town try checking out the factory outlets. Going east, Maple Dale is my favourite.