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Apr 21, 2006 02:32 PM

The General's Daughter - Any recent experience?

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Going to The General's Daughter this evening, wondering if anyone has recent experience - specific dishes, etc.


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    Lemon Chiffon Pie

    My girlfriend and I dine there several times a year. We like to share the Yellowfin Tuna appetizer and the Pasta with Pancetaa and Quail Egg. You can't go wrong with any of the the appetizers they offer here.
    For my main entree my favorite is the Rock Shrimp Risotto. They also offer fixed price menus if that is of interest to you. All of the desserts are decadant, my favorite right now is the Meyer Lemon pudding, layered with lots of yummy things. They have a new chef, Preston Dishman and he is excellent. His wife Nicole is very nice and and hospitable. You are in for a real treat. Deb

    1. We just ate there last night--one of the best meals I've had in Sonoma. We each chose the four-course menu; I had the baby lettuces with blue cheese, the veal medallion (unbelievable), the cheese course, and a strawberry shortbread dessert. My husband chose the souffle on advice from locals -- it was Grand Marnier, amazingly light, great milk chocolate sauce to complement. Both Preston and his wife Nichole, who runs the front of the house, were present and chatty and clearly in love with what they do. Our wait staff was tremendously friendly and so happy when we complemented each dish. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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        I don't know if last August qualifies as "recent," but my wife and I had one of our best meals of a 10 day Wine Country stay at the GD. The room was beautiful and placid (mid-week evening) the service was attentive, and every single dish was memorable, including the amuse-bouche.

        I found the tasting menu to be very satisfying, well-priced, and a good opportunity to get a sense of what the chef is trying to accomplish. The flavors were subtle and the finish of each dish was lovely.

        During this stay our dinners ranged from Della Santini in Sonoma, at the low-price end, to Bouchon at the higher end. GD was as good a value at its price point as Della Santini, which is to say, quite good. Bouchon was dreadful.

        To my recollection, I never had a better matched cheese-and-wine pairing than during General's Daughter's tasting menu that evening.

      2. Just savored sublime food and service at the General's Daughter tonight. Prefixe menu offers unbeatable value and flexibility. Highlights include foie gras, ravioli, lamb chops, and chocolate souffle....everything was well executed. Our guests also enjoyed their Hawaiian Snapper, Asparagus and Beet Salad, and White Bean and Vegetable Soup. Definitely the best meal we had on this trip!

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          Thanks for this report and reminder...I spent a lot of the summer in Sonoma and I'm going to head to General's Daughter for my bday celebration based on your rec!

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          1. I recently ate there with my wife and was NOT impressed. The risotto was too soupy. The lobster came with snap peas (I'm pretty sure they were not English) which struck a discordant note with its sauce. The bread pudding was too dry and bready. I eat at a fair number of high end restaurants and the dishes simply did not have the harmony I'd expect. On the plus side, the wine list is amazing and the sommelier was quite knowledgeable and helpful.