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Oct 24, 2007 10:35 AM

sunday lunch

we are having an old fashioned sunday lunch with a baked ham and fresh buns and pickle tray etc. i need a couple of good ideas for side dishes that can be served room temperature and are seasonal.

i would really appreciate any ideas

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  1. roasted and stuffed tomatoes sounds colorful and would go. Could easily double as your salad. Are you still able to get good tomatoes where your at?

    1. You could just simply roast up some cubed sweet potatoes: flavor them with some thyme, rosemary, perhaps balsamic and roast under high heat. I find that roasted potatoes taste perfectly fine at room temp. If you want, you could even make a vinaigrette out of thyme and balsamic, a bit of dijon too, and simply toss it with the roasted potatoes and serve it at room temp as well.

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        You could even go further and add some corn to it, corn and sweet potato salad. If you like corn, you could make a lovely corn salad: lightly Saute frozen corn, diced red onion, cut up asparagus, cherry tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil and add fresh basil. More summer-like but still good right now.

        Apple-mint coleslaw: you can use pre-shredded coleslaw mix, and to it add finely sliced granny smith apples, red onion, and chopped fresh mint. Add a creamy prepared honey-mustard dressing, I use Litehouse brand.

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          Just thought of another one: take bagged baby spinach and toss with almost-ripe slice pears. Add a honey mustard vinagrette, toasted pecans.

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            those are all fantastic ideas - thanks
            we unfortunately are out of tomato season - last weeks looked good on the outside but were watery and flavourless on the inside

            i will do a coleslaw and some roasted sweet potatoes -
            thanks again - i was totally having a block