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suggestions for grandparents

My elderly grandparents are visiting Los Angeles for the first time this weekend. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a number of options for lunch and dinner. My biggest challenges: they can't hear well and they're not that mobile (loud and crowded close quarters are out). All my favorite restaurants in LA are cramped and noisy (which is another topic for another post)! Additionally, they're not adventurous eaters so I can't really take them to a quiet sushi bar or something. Locationwise, they're staying in Beverly Hills, I live in Miracle Mile and work downtown and I'm sure they would love to see the west side so I'm open to anything between dtown and the water. I had big plans for Duke's in Malibu before the fires (quiet, spacious, great view, straightforward food). Where do you all take your grandparents?

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  1. Taix www.taixfrench.com (which I personally think is dreck but the GP types seem to like it). Take them to Orso on 3rd St. near Cedars and sit out on their lovely patio. The food is nice without being at all fussy.

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      I recommend the Tam O'Shanter on Los Feliz in Atwater. Lots of old folks, middle of the road food (Prime Rib, Chicken), nice and quiet, easy parking and access, and there's always room for the Chocolate Soufle!

    2. There are plenty of quiet places in Beverly Hills, which tends to be an area populated by older people anyway. Spago is definitely not loud.

      And the suggestion of Orso is spot-on. The one time my girlfriend and I went there, we were singlehandedly responsible for reducing the average age by a couple decades.

      1. The two places in/near Beverly Hills that my 95 year old grandmother likes are La Dolce Vita, on little Santa Monica at Linden, and Madeo on Beverly Blvd. between Doheny and Robertson.

        Another place (especially if noisiness is an issue) that's good for people who like quiet restaurants is the Pacific Dining Car (locations in downtown and Santa Monica).

        1. What about Marino's on Melrose, old-school Italian. Very good. El Cholo isn't the best Mexican food, but it's a piece of L.A. history, great for visitors. Gardens in Westwood. Javan or Sheharazad Flame for Iranian food... kebobs, grilled cornish hens, the food is just "exotic" enough for unadventurous eaters.

          1. Agreed that Pacific Dining Car is a pretty safe bet; Josie is also worth considering -- their menu isn't way out there, and it's a pretty quiet spot. Joe's and Lilly's on Abbot Kinney in Venice are also possibility, but the noise and crowd-o-meter there are a bit unpredictable, from my previous visits there.

            For "less scary" Japanese, you can always take them to a Ramen shop on/near the Sawtelle area.

            If you were planning on Duke's, the Lobster may also be an option (of course, more for the beachside view than for the food.)


            1. Angeli Caffe on Melrose is very nice, and the owner/chef is very accomodating.

              Then in Santa Monica, you have Literati II, Josie, Giraffe, Chez Mimi (very nice) and a few more.

              I kinda like the idea of Musso and Frank's.

              1. PCH is now open so getting to Dukes shouldn't be a problem. The view should be lovely again by the weekend (right now there's a hideous haze over the ocean). My elderly parents also can't tolerate noise and crowds, and they really like Josie's (one of my favorites too), Saddlepeak Lodge, Melisse and Chez Mimi.

                1. A little drive to the Dal Rae might be up their alley...

                  I recommend the seabass "a la Ben"


                  Dal Rae
                  9023 E. Washington Blvd., Pico Rivera, CA 90660

                  1. If they like seafood, Water Grill downtown is excellent and I have always thought the noise level there was more muted than your average LA establishment. They might also like the restaurant at the Hotel Bel Air - beautiful location and definitely a noise level that is conversation friendly.

                    1. I second the Hotel Bel Air & La Dolce Vita (ask for a booth when you make your reservation).

                      And I also recommend: Vito Restaurant (Santa Monica, not-fancy Italian), Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the outside seating at the Cheesecake Factory in Marina Del Rey!

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                        I concur with the Pacific Dining Car recommendation in SM. Very quiet, round tables, etc. Also, the Belvedere in BH at the Peninsula Hotel has good food and is very quiet.

                      2. La Cachette off Santa Monica Blvd. just west of Century City is one of the most quiet restaurants in town. Gracious service, old school but accessible French food. I was thinking it was a bit on the pricey side but certainly not compared with Melisse, Spago, or OMG the Hotel Bel-Air. (See today's lackluster review of the latter in the L.A. Times.)

                        If mobility makes it a problem to tour the Getty Museum in Brentwood and top it off with a sunset dinner at The Restaurant, you might want to consider West, the restaurant on top of the Angelino Hotel, the round one overlooking the N/W intersection of the 405 and Sunset. You also may want to check out the online menu on the website for Cafe Del Rey in the Marina -- if you find dishes they'd enjoy it is a very pleasant place to look out at all the boats in the harbor.

                        1. As already mentioned, La Dolce Vita and Marino's are two Italian gems.
                          1. La Dolce Vita - 9785 Santa Monica Blvd.
                          2. Marino's - 6001 Melrose Ave.
                          Both have that "special occasion" atmosphere.

                          1. I would suggest Mirabelle on Sunset (see my review which I did yesterday). Easy access, great food, if you get their anniversary special you can save a bundle too. Ambience is nice, quiet, very subdued and calm. And before/after you can drive them down the Sunset Strip!