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Oct 24, 2007 09:49 AM

Road Trip Philly to Seattle

One of my friends is going on a road trip from Philly to Seattle the first week in November.

I was hoping that you could point me to good inexpensive food along I-76 from Philadelphia through Pittsburgh to Youngstown.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. i have never found anything past the chain rest stops along i-76.

    having done this drive toooo many times, i would choose the northern route, i-80, in a heartbeat... it's about equidistant, no tolls, and i've had three memorable stops: one at a truck stop (town / exit name may have started with an "e," i remember a green or maybe yellow painted place with a gas station out front and the truck stop around back - someone help me out here!!) for some excellent country breakfast, one at a free coffee place at a rest stop along the way, and one at a weirdo gas station in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of quirky souveniers.
    plus i think i-80 is much more scenic... more desolate, higher mountains.

    1. In New Stanton is La Tavola, 400 S. Center Ave. Definitely worth getting off the turnpike to eat there. There are a couple of other restaurants in New Stanton that are pretty good, too. Sorry I don't remember their names. There are also a couple of places in Bedford, too, that we like -- Jean Bonnet Tavern and the Arena (at the Quality Inn). Just past Pittsburgh in Cranberry on Rt. 19 North is Hartner's.

      On Rt. 80, the "e" is Emlenton -- home of the only truck stop worth stopping at. Near Emlenton is Knox, home of the Wolf's Den. It is one of our favorites along I-80. Eat in the bar next to the fireplace and enjoy a good sandwich at lunch.

      1. Depending on their time-table, the Oakhurst Tea Room might fit. They could leave the turnpike at Somerset and stop at the Tea Room and then return to the turnpike at Donegal.