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Oct 24, 2007 09:46 AM

Week in Montreal with teens

We will be staying in Montreal over the Xmas holiday. We will be staying at the Hilton downtown with no car. I would like suggestions for great restaurants, but nothing too exotic for my sons and preferably places that we can get to by Metro or foot. We like California style cuisine with fresh local ingredients, Asian and Southwestern, as well as French (of course). Is it possible to keep the price down under $25 for entrees? Also, any suggestions for special holiday food events or restaurants that have something special that time of year. Thanks

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  1. Couple of suggestions, Then we can go from there :

    All places are easy access by foot or metro/bus, and pretty all of those places are safe.

    - Schwartz's for smoked meat. (on St-Laurent St. )
    - Laurier BBQ for bbq/rotisserie chicken. (on Laurier W. St.)
    - L'Express for french bistrot type (on St-Denis St.)
    - Pho-Bang New York for Vietnamese Pho type soups and other viet-type food. (on St-Laurent St.)
    - La Banquise for poutine (on Rachel St.)


    I think it can be harder to have "fresh" local ingredients in that period of time.

    1. I'd say either La Paryse (Ontario near St-Denis) our meat Market (St-Laurent neat Marie-Anne) for burgers depending whether you want the usual suspect or something a bit edgier.

      If it's open, Sur Bleury for really good sandwiches. As the name would imply, it's located on Bleury between René-Lévesque and de la Gauchetière. In the same spectrum, Titanic on St-Pierre in the Old City.

      Brasserie Brunoise could also be a good option. As for french, I'd recommend Au Petit Extra which fits your monetary requirements as well as Bistro à vin Justine.

      There are many more options and I'm sure other people will help you.

      1. Au Petit Extra for sure.

        If you're feeling night-owlish, the after 10 p.m. special at Leméac (top-notch app, main and coffee/tea for $22).

        If you can swing a treat meal, Au Pied de Cochon should keep the kids and the adults entertained.

        Cluny Art Bar for weekday lunch or Thursday dinner.

        One of the Portuguese grills for charcoal grilled chicken and fries. Ail Y'ail Y'ail if garlicy seafood appeals.

        Santropol for sandwiches and smoothies.


        Frite Alors ! on Parc or Laurier East for the city's best fries. Patati Patata for very good fries, burgers and the Montreal vibe.

        Jean Talon Market, a shadow of its summer self but still fun with cafés, shops and food stalls (sausage sandwiches, crepes, the city's best ice cream, Polish donuts, etc.). There are some great restaurants nearby, too, including Le Petit Alep (Syrian/Armenian) and Bottega (authentic pizza).

        Chinese: Dim Sum at Kam Fung, Ruby Rouge or Lotte Furama. Cantonese at Keung Kee. Mongolian hotpots at Little Sheep. Street-stall Thai at Cuisine Bangkok in the upstairs food court at Faubourg Ste-Catherine in western downtown. That said, Asian's not the city's strong point.

        Decent Southwestern is virtually non-existent. On the other hand, Le Jolifou does great and pretty affordable French-Latino fusion and the trip there will take you to part of Montreal most tourists don't see.

        And, as Max points out, you'll be here during the worst possible season for local produce. Come back next summer!

        1. There is always Bofinger for decent BBQ. And Au Pied de Cochon isn't that much of a splurge - most mains are under $25, so it does fit your criteria.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm getting hungry already. I guess "fresh" local ingredients are out in December, but any ideas about seasonal, holiday specialties at restaurants would be great.