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Oct 24, 2007 09:26 AM

Vindaloo -- Where can I get it?

I want a good vindaloo. I havent found one yet.

What are your favorite places?

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  1. It's almost impossible to find a good vindaloo, since very few places (if any) make a true Goan vindaloo, which combines sweet-sour with serious hot spice, and is best with pork, as the Goan Christians eat it. In many Indian restaurants a vindaloo is generally a nondescript curry with extra spice, and in some places they get the vinegar part, but I've never found the real thing.


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      That's what I have been looking for -- the real Goan variety. I am glad to know that I am not just being super picky. It has seemed to me, having spent four years in the UK, and having visisted south India, that while there is good Indian food to be had in NYC, there are certain dishes that are consistently bad. The Vindaloo is one of them.

      I heard that the Brick Lane Curry House has a good one. I might give it a try.

      What do you think of Chola, Peter? Their Vindaloo tasted good, though it was way too oily.

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        I've been to the buffet once. It was excellent.

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          Me too- the lunch buffet at Chola is the best Indian buffet in Manhattan, IMO. As for pork vindaloo, Bombay Talkie in Chelsea serves a decent version.

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            I'll vouch for the lamb vindaloo at Chola... delicious and very spicy.

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              Thanks. Have you found it to be oily?

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                No, not overly oily. Chola's food is pretty rich in general (i.e., compared to cab-stand places like Punjabi on 1st and 1st), but I don't think anything they make is oily per se.

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              I also dig Chola's vindaloo. London is still superior but I had a former Goan colleague and Indian client who I took to Chola and they gave it two thumbs up.

        2. re: Peter Cherches

          I'm in total agreement. I don't even know where half these restaurants get off calling their dish vindaloo. I've had onion curries passed off as vindaloo and even a sweet lamb and spinach dish called vindaloo at a Bangladeshi restaurant. Typically I make pork vindaloo (no potatoes) at home to save on disappointment.

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            One of the worst dishes I have ever eaten was the vindaloo at Swagat on Amsterdam ~80st. The sauce consisted of TONS of sugar, canned tomato paste, tamato sauce, and chili powder. What bothered wasn't so much that it wasn't the real Goan dish, but that it was disgusting.

            Ada also has a nasty vindaloo -- also made with tons of sugar.

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              YES!! I had that horrible Swagat vindaloo years back too! It was gelatinous, corn syrupy, tomato sauce. I wish you hadn't reminded me of that mess.

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                Right? You would think that the owner would have more pride -- I can't believe that he thinks that what he is serving is edible. I

                I am glad Swagat has finally dropped in the Zagat -- it used to have a very high rating for food, which I know mislead a lot of people. It has dropped to 19, which is still high given how nasty some of the dishes are.

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          1. By the way, the puerco adobado at Tulcingo del Valle actually tastes closer to a Goan vindaloo than most NY Indian restaurant vindaloos.

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              Not an unbelievable claim since vindaloo is as much Portuguese as it is Indian. I'll have to try that.

            2. Chola, is a great choice

              1. Have you tried the Darbar on 46th Street. High quality curry, and they are very friendly. Give them a call and see if they make the mean vindaloo you are after.

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                  Yes, I have been there and you are correct it is very good