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Oct 24, 2007 09:22 AM

Soho Pie Company Danbury CT

Has anybody tried this place????

According to an article I read they hired Giovanni Thaci from Bleeker Street Pizza(New Yorker Magazine rated them "Best Slice"). A bonus is that they are located next door to Dubl Twister which is an ice cream shop run by a nice Portuguese couple. They make some interesting flavors like guava, tiramisu, and corn. I have enjoyed their ice cream at Twisters in Bridgeport.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My wife and I stopped by Soho today. It was a pleasant surprise.

      We each had a slice of the margherita and the "Grandma's" (Sicilian style). Both were excellent, though we particularly liked the Margherita pizza for its perfect balance of sweet homemade marinara, fresh mozzarella, and crisp thin crust.

      The space is small (maybe 6 tables, 20 seats total), but it's clean and bright. The noise from Dubl Twister can be a bit much (there is an open wall between the two), but it's a treat to be able to finish the meal with a very reasonably priced (and highly tasty) scoop.

      Word to the wise -- It seems like they're still having growing pains. We tried to order an appetizer that required the use of the fryer and we were told that they'd been having trouble getting "approval" to use it. It wasn't a big deal to us, but it might be to some others.

      The two slices and shared ice cream were more than enough food though, it's not like my waste line needed the fried starter. :)

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      1. re: Zobot

        The pizza here is outstanding. The crust, perfectly charred, the sauce zesty fresh and full of life, fresh mozzarella. I was also pleasantly surprised!

          1. re: avasmom

            216 White St in Danbury, across from the downtown campus of West Conn.

              1. re: avasmom

                I've been there a few times. Had the turkey panini and the grilled chicken salad. Both excellent and fair priced. Will go back again.

                1. re: jdhall1

                  I can't speak for those earlier posters. After reading these posts I came in with high expectations, as there really isnt any great pizza in the area. When Lauretano's is on, its very good, but a little delicate. Perhaps the pizza guy from Bleeker is now longer there, but I just had a pie there and it was terrible. First the first time ever, I threw away the pie and went up the road for another. The crust tasted stale and yeasty. There was zero lift to the dough. Absolute garbage. Nothing better than a run of the mill college slice joint that could just as easily be in Topeka, Kansas as Danbury. AVOID!

                  1. re: mgarbarino

                    I moved out of Danbury before this SoHo place opened up but the only place I enjoyed for pizza in the area was John's on Rt 37 (Padanaram Rd). They made a very tasty tomato sauce and I rate their pizza highly - way above anything else I had around there.

                    John and his brother were also great guys to talk to!

      2. This was the first time I tried this place....I grew up in the Bronx and havent had good pizza in danbury ever...crust is always like cardboard....bitter sauce just nothing really good in my opionion.

        Well Last night we went there to check it out and I stepped into HEAVEN....PERFECT Pizza...sauce ....crust all awsome

        I will only be ordering Pizza there from now on and a ice cream shop that has EGG CREAMS nextdoor MAJOR BONUS

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        1. re: jeffFitz

          Thank you JeffFitz and thanks for starting this thread again as I missed it back in December -- hope they're open on Sunday because I'm there.
          Also grew up in the Bronx and not much of the pizza up here is all that great....and don't you hate when people use knives and forks?
          Still can't get used to that.

          1. re: Nonny

            it's funny you say that nonny about eating pizza with knives and forks.....but that's actually how they eat their pizza in naples.......the pizza maker doesn't cut 'the pie' into slices like here.....but those are the 'personal' sized pizzas......i agree...if you're eating your 'american' slices with a knife and fork....that is pretty lame...pick it up......fold it......and bon appetite....

        2. Went there on Saturday and the pizza is outstanding. I bit different than the NY pizza I had growing up. The bottom of the crust is crusted in a way I have not experienced but it was very good. Dubl Twister was also a nice discovery - I had a cup of Dulce de Leche - real good. This may be my pizza place when not willing to journey to Roseland Apizza in Derby.

          1. I just got back from Soho PIe Company and I have to say that I definitely enjoyed my pizza. I had slices from the cheese pie and the margarita. I also stole a bite of my husband's grandma slice. The marinara sauce was a little too tangy for my taste, but the crusts on all three were excellent. I also liked how they used fresh basil.

            I think in the future I am going to order a fresh pie because the reheated slices suffered a bit, cheese-wise.

            My husband really enjoyed his steak panini and my daughter ate her cheese slice in record time.

            Dubl Twister was a great way to end this meal. Their chocolate madness ice cream was great.

            All in all, a pleasant and tasty surprise in Danbury...