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Oct 24, 2007 09:20 AM

Need lunch location near the Barnes Foundation (Merion PA)

Husband and I are planning a trip to Barnes Foundation on a Saturday in December. We're coming from Bucks County to visit Philly on a day trip. Please let us know of your favoriate restaurant near the Barnes Foundation or Merion, PA.


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  1. Sam's Grill in Wynnewood is a nice place to stop for lunch. It is located in Wynnewood, across from the train station (Bed, Bath and Beyond is in the plaza). Great burgers (especially the SAM burger), quesadillas (esp. the shrimp and bbq), bbq chicken and sides. Borders is in the plaza too.

    If you want to listen to some music and grab a bite, try Milkboy in Ardmore. They usually have a band playing on the weekend (check their schedule) and the soups and other lunch options are tasty, though limited. I love their white tea. NOTE: on weekend mornings they have "Sally's Music Time" -- not sure you want to have lunch watching toddlers dance to a "Cow, Chicken and a Pickle"...but it might be fun!

    1. Hymie's deli in Merion. Good sandwiches...pickle bar. Really..really good Matzoh ball or Cabbage soup.

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        Yes, Hymie's deli and also Murray's deli right across the street. Each has its passionate supporters. (Hymie's doesn't have Spiced beef and Murray's rarely changes their soup choices and doesn't take credit cards.)
        Besides deli, there is Aldar, a Mediterranean restaurant, right next door to Murray's, with really hearty soups, etc.
        Right next door to Aldar is the Tavern which is a bit more upscale and has very nice lunches.
        These places are 2 minutes from Barnes by car or if you are young and hardy you could even walk it.

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          That pretty much wraps it up for Merion Station if you're walking from the Barnes....

          The Pub at Penn Valley does some nice stuff (a mile or so up Montgomery Ave.)

          Also, the American Pub and The Greeks Tavern in Narberth are a short jaunt. Narberth is an adorable little town if you've never seen it.

      2. Sang Kee in Wynnewood may have a Saturday lunch. Not sure about others aside from Hymies and Murrays who definitely are doing lunch on the weekends.